25 Low Maintenance Rock Garden Designs That Will Amaze You

When you think of a rock garden, you might probably wonder about one thing: How much does it cost? It is true that some rock garden ideas may cost you a fortune. They take a lot of work too. Still, if you know how to get your way around obstacles, you will find that there are ideas that do not cost a lot.

These 5 low maintenance rock garden design ideas are just a few examples:


1. Use various sizes for your landscaping rocks.

To make your rock garden look natural, various sizes of stones can be placed in the landscape. Make sure there are considerable gaps between them for your plants, depending on the size. You may consult your local nursery for better spots in placing the stones.

Large pool surrounded by green plants to make the atmosphere more fresh. Natural stone slabs that function for walkways. So that the monotonous combination of size and color will add to the naturalness of your garden.

A beautiful landscape garden combines large boulders with green plants that make the atmosphere fresher. A flowing waterfall adds more beautiful atmosphere. White sand shows a clean park.

Large boulders side by side with blooming flowers look more attractive and beautiful. The addition of stone slabs for stair steps has its own charm.

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Garden with colorful blooming flowers that makes the atmosphere more beautiful. Decorating stones combined with gravel serves as a path to make your garden even more attractive.


Small pond surrounded by large and small stones with green plants that make a fresh feel. Choose the medium stone or small size to make easier organized.

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2. Have the three center boulders in your rock garden.

You do not have to use something fancy for this. If you find three unique, identical-looking stones (or at least they seem so), you can set them up as the center of your rock garden. It does not cost you so much, eh?

Three large stones as the focus of your stone garden, this stone has a great aesthetic theme. Adding pebbles with natural colors adds beauty to your garden.

Large stones can shine as a main attraction or effectively complement your plants. A small waterfall that makes the view more beautiful and makes the atmosphere more fresh.

A large garden with green plants makes the air fresh and cool. Additional natural color gravel combined with large stones that make your garden more beautiful.

The stone garden next to this beautiful flower plant looks very beautiful. The perfect combination for your garden.

An artificial waterfall in a beautiful backyard using several large stones to make it look more elegant. Garden lights illuminate the waterfall to create a beautiful view.

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3. Make sure the location of your choice is correct.

If you live on a hillside of the landscape, you are in luck. This is the most ideal location for your low maintenance rock garden design. If not, you might need plenty of rocks and soil to create a hillside look. Larger stones will make your garden look more like a berm.

Plants that are on the hillside landscape is a special attraction for you. The addition of large stones is one alternative to keep the land from sliding.

The park on the hillside creates a very enchanting beauty. Additional walkways to enjoy the beauty of flowers in the middle. The combination of green plants and blooming flowers adds a cool feel to be enjoyed

Stone walls are classic way to terrace and tame a hillside. This stone wall also functions as a bed garden. Yellow flowers that add warmth and create a beautiful view of your yard.

Beautiful plants on the hillside, you can use cone-shaped plants. The addition of stone and green grass makes the atmosphere more beautiful and cool.

The land in the hills is the ideal place to make a beautiful stone garden. Colorful plants and flowers that look beautiful make the atmosphere in your garden come alive.

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4. Make rock garden terraces.

Whether the landscape is hilly or it looks layered with plenty of decks, rock garden terraces definitely rock your garden. Make sure you have the artistic skills in placing the rows of stones, plants, and trails of soil.

A garden that combines colorful flowers and large boulders will look more beautiful. Additional variations in the size of the small stone and being the special attraction for your yard.

A simple rock garden combines cactus plants and small pebbles which makes the stone garden more beautiful.

A comfortable rock garden with a place to relax to enjoy the beauty of the garden in your yard. The white gravel beside the small pool gives a clean impression to the beautiful garden.

The best plants for a beautiful rock garden consist of small tubers or wild plant species. Large stone can serve as a place to tidy up the plant.

Making a stone garden is a creative gardening job, you can choose a place to plant plants that are suitable for your yard to make it look more rabbi and beautiful.

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5. Choose the right plants for your rock garden.

Last but not least, choose the right plants for your rock garden. For example, smaller bulbs like daffodils and wild tulips.

Sometimes, it does not take so much for a low maintenance rock garden design. More should come from your creativity.

The right plants for your stone garden are tulips. This flower creates its own beauty because of its dazzling plants.

Colorful flowers and green plants that look attractive in your stone garden. This plant also becomes its own blazing power.

A simple stone garden with stunning green plants and blooming flowers makes your garden more beautiful.

Large stone in the middle of a beautiful flower garden makes the stone look unique. The combination of flowers and green plants make your garden more beautiful and charming.

Colorful flowers covered in green grass make your yard look very beautiful and charming. The addition of large stones as a path also provides a comfortable atmosphere.

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