5 Master Bathroom Ideas for Nicer Showering

While soaking in the bathtub of your master bathroom can seem relaxing, do you also notice the way you arrange the stuff and its surroundings? You’re probably also in the middle of finding buyers for your house, and you decide that the master bathroom needs to be show-stopping. Either way, improving this part of the house should result in the utmost comfort and practicality when showering.

Note some fundamental changes to make from below master bathroom ideas. Feel free to adjust them accordingly to get that uplifting feeling you want. Each will do wonder to the bathroom space, so be creative!

1. Wood Cabinets

Adding a classic touch and additional storage can be done in style by installing vintage bathroom wood cabinets. Go for custom-made one to accommodate all the space you need, and then choose sturdy and enduring material with traditional style. You’ll see how the wood cabinets will complement neutral shades of the overall room decor effortlessly.

Neutral themed master bathroom with dark brown wood cabinet
Beautiful main bathroom with wooden cabinet and large mirror
Attractive master bathroom with white wooden cabinet and yellow painted wall
Warm master bathroom with white wooden cabinet and patterned marble floor
White-themed master bathroom with white wooden cabinet and attractive lamp

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2. Spa-Inspired

If paying for spa treatment every month can be too demanding for your pocket, then make the spa-inspired master bathroom your very own space! Use soothing colors like sky blue or light green, combined with placements of natural elements as far as the eye can see. Escalate its relaxing vibe with a transparent glass wall divider.

The main bathroom is detailed with creamy limestone, white fixtures and chrome accents, creating a spa-like feel for everyday use
The spa-like bathroom has a glass shower cubicle and a spacious two-person bathtub
A beautiful bathtub is the focus of this relaxing space, especially with bursts of air from the ceiling
The bathtub shapes the body and makes bathing a truly spa-like experience
The luxurious Paris spa hotel is the inspiration for this master bathroom

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3. Chandelier

If you only want to put one bold statement-making piece, a bathroom chandelier right in the center of the ceiling is already enough. Try to change the floor with reclaimed woods, or paint the walls in a dash of natural green. Your chandelier will be that art piece that doesn’t clash with other features, which makes it a safe attempt as well.

The spacious main bathroom is lit by warm classy chandeliers that complement the walls
A vintage candle lamp illuminates the main bathroom with a drop of a bathtub under a beautiful stained glass window
The gorgeous main bathroom features a dark wooden vanity vanity above it with candles and stylish vases
The trendy main bathroom is decorated with crystal chandeliers hanging from domed trays
Bathroom with vintage chandeliers wrapped in crystal and ceiling lights mounted on the ceiling tray

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4. Minimalistic

While other ideas present luxury ideas at heart, going with minimalistic master bathroom offer stark yet functional showering space without any fluff. Consider putting everything in white—walls, sink, and floor tiles, and put multifunctional furniture that can accommodate several functions at once.

A simple but attractive bathroom vanity lamp can be the jewelry needed in a minimalist bathroom
minimalist bathroom with a special area for toiletries, like this hidden wooden shelf
A real scheme in addition to one light box and accessories
At a glance this minimalist room has nothing but wooden towel racks, before we see the white shower head and upright pipe
This bathroom color scheme transitions through three shades of the same color to add interest

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5. Rustic

Far from old-fashioned and unfinished, the rustic master bathroom in bricks or reclaimed woods present charms found nowhere else. Pair it with lovely tinted concrete flooring, and basically, you’re already done!

Rustic master bathroom with different tile sizes and classic wood cabinets
Rustic master bathroom with stone, wood and a little glass
Rustic master bathroom with wooden cabinet and hanging chandelier
Rustic main bathroom with wooden cabinet and wallpaper
Rustic master bathroom with old wood and irregular stone tiles

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Hopefully, from these five master bathroom ideas, you get what you’re looking for!

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