33 Rustic Kitchen Ideas that Aren’t Boring

A rustic style is known for its natural intrigue, embracing the natural beauty of the earthy and rugged wooden color. The beauty of your rustic kitchen won’t stop there, because these 5 rustic kitchen ideas that promise you an upgrade.


1. Best Colors for Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Prepare some nature-colored paint for your rustic kitchen cabinet, because with these colors, your rustic kitchen is going to feel ten times more earthy and cozy. The color of natural wood, soft green, and dark brown are the best option to choose when completing a rustic kitchen look. It mimics the natural color of the earth, leaving you feeling fresh and warm.

Natural brown color on the storage cabinets and floor that looks perfect. Wooden color that vibrates the natural feeling in the entire kitchen area to make it look fresh and warm.
Charming kitchen with light brown storage cabinets, so the owner can balance natural bright colors with darker tables like black granite to make the kitchen look elegant.
Modern rustic kitchen with storage cabinets that made of wooden material and hanging lamps for lighting in your large space. Choose favorite color like natural wood make your decoration look amazing.
Combination of natural wood and white color is a characteristic of rustic home decoration. Put some cabinet made of wood material to make your kitchen look neat and clean.
This kitchen design uses a large cabinet made of polished wooden boards with glass doors. Dark brown natural wood to complete the rural kitchen look natural.

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2. Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic is not a synonym for old. In fact, you can have a modern rustic kitchen design. Hang pendant lights, make sure to open the space of your rustic kitchen up and combine a lot of white into your rustic kitchen. That is the recipe for a modern rustic kitchen design.

Elegant kitchen with curved island counter elegant kitchen with hanging pendant lamps and white storage cabinets to look clean in the modern kitchen style.
Modern and simple. The white kitchen design with wooden material is a favorite for remodeling your kitchen with white storage cabinets to look neat. You can put some pendant lamps above the countertop to create a stylish kitchen.
Modern rural kitchens with square island designs can function as dining room. Make your design more stylish with adding white paint color and some inside ceiling lamps.
Plain and practical does not mean boring and boring. This is one of the most innovative kitchen island ideas and designs that captures beauty in its simplicity for modern kitchen style. With wooden touch make your style like rustic decoration.
This modern house has a kitchen island with multipurpose wheels that can be used as a dining table and storage for your kitchen. To create a clean and fresh ambiance you can choose white paint and put glass walls to get sunlight.

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3. Rustic Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The small things are what completes the overall look of a rustic kitchen. You can have an all-rugged kitchen, yet it still won’t have that rustic kitchen vibe without the little accessories. Hang signs, place a decorative wooden basket, and install peeled letter signs that suit your personality.


White is perfect to make your dining room look clean. Hang the wooden sign above the wall shelves to create a rustic feel. You can put some plants to make a fresh ambiance.
Many ways to decorate your rustic kitchen. Choose some ornament like wood sign and stick it on the wall to make your design feel natural.
If you like wooden craft to beautify your kitchen, you can make wood sign and hang on the wall. There is can give you a rustic nuance in your kitchen.
To make a beautiful ambiance in your kitchen, decorate your kitchen with a natural furniture. Wooden furniture and a simple sign on the wall give you a rustic impression in your small kitchen.

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4. Small Modern Rustic Kitchen

If you don’t have a lot of space yet still dream of having a modern rustic kitchen, there is this thing called a small modern rustic kitchen. Maximize your space by installing an island that is connected to your wall, to keep the vintage feel, pick the earthiest color for the island.

Charming small kitchen with white storage cabinets in a small room to look clean. To make a modern look you can put an island with white color.
Modern rustic kitchen by maximizing the small space, you can install an island attached to the wall and small shelves to store spices and kitchen utensils to look neat.
Contemporary island in white and cabinets combined with a captivating rustic backdrop in the kitchen. Island attached on the wall make your kitchen look neat and wider.
The island is connected to the wall in a small rustic kitchen to create an amazing atmosphere. Choose natural material like wooden or stone make your design more fantastic.

Wooden and stone are duos that always appear in rustic home decor. Kitchen islands attached to the wall create an elegant atmosphere in your kitchen and provide the perfect balance.

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5. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

A lot of people confuse rustic and farmhouse. Although they may be similar, they are two different things. Hence the name rustic farmhouse kitchen, this rustic kitchen idea means meshing the natural beauty of the earth with a touch of sturdy materials like steel. Mixing the two will give you a finished look of the perfect rustic kitchen.

Aged woods sure steal the room. That is why there are so many rustic-inspired kitchens as of late. Which one of these rustic kitchen ideas are you going to implement into your home?

Butcher block is a prominent feature of a farmhouse decor. It decorates the kitchen countertop. Rustic look that completes the vintage feeling created by the industrial lamps hanging above
Reclaimed barn wood is a trait of farmhouse decor. Here, the wood beams are exposed, giving a natural sense in the area.
The barn board used as countertop strengthen the natural element of the style. In addition, the racks help you to organize kitchen utensils in a tight space.
This kitchen includes a black & gold theme where gold is used on smaller elements, while black dominates the door and cabinet drawers and wood elements that adorn the walls as shelves.

Gray and white is the perfect mix. Gray reduces the brightness of white, but still gives a sense of calm. All cabinets are gray and have simple decorations, which are one of the characteristics of a farmhouse decoration. For the material you can choose wooden or metal.

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