25 Secret Garden Ideas Just Like the Famous Classic Tale

Based on the famous classic by Frances Hodgson-Burnett, secret garden ideas have been well-accepted by many. Especially when you need some time alone, but unable to go away too far. You can also throw a small private party here with your close friends. With these five (5) ideas, those things can happen:


1. Shelters with climbers.

Have an arbor that curves over the garden’s dining arena’s top. Let the climbing plants grow to cover the structure. These plants will not only cover you and your guests from the scorching sun but the rain too.

Small garden with a front which provides a natural atmosphere structure overgrown with vines. Green plants and trees make your yard look beautiful and fantastic.

Plants that make tunnels with small flowers look beautiful. The addition of a bench serves to relax to enjoy the cool nuances of your garden.

A cube arbor is covered in thick vines that create a dappled shade in the middle of the garden. The green garden also gives a cool and comfortable feel.

Vines that grow on shady backs create an interesting sense of peaceful isolation. The round entrance that is wrapped in vines becomes a separate power for your yard.

A simple wooden arbor with vines lifts the post and crosses the top of the arbor. Plants that combine with flowers make beautiful shades and look more natural.

Vines that look very beautiful with blooming flowers. White benches that seem clean make your page look more attractive.

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2. The backyard secret garden ideas.

You will need plenty of wide stones to cover the landscape. They will make a clear walking path among the grass. Have a statue that represents calmness and a sense of mystery. Of course, make sure that you and your guests are also not easily spooked.

A secret backyard garden that has a large pool and natural stone that makes a natural feel. Green plants that make the cool air a nice place to relax.

Secret garden that is natural and comfortable backyard is the most ideal place for you who want to relax. Colorful flowers add a beautiful view.

Rear garden design that utilizes water elements. Natural stone will add a natural atmosphere. So that the backyard garden is more colorful, you can also add some ornamental plants.

The backyard secret garden is filled with various types of plants, trees and colorful flowers. Adding stone paths will add a cool, natural feel to your backyard.

Vines and statues are the main attraction in your backyard secret garden. White tables and chairs to relax to enjoy the cool air.

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3. The amazing secret garden.

The idea of a garden bench is a carbon copy to the one in the classic tale. Besides the lush green plants covering the top of the patio and flowers, do not forget to add a hanging wind chime. This setting will remind you of the scenes of Mary, Colin, and Dickon in that famous fiction.

Beautiful garden style with large ponds combined with green plants and large boulders creates a natural feel and provides a cool atmosphere.

One way to create a landscape is to plant colorful plants. Colored plants can make your garden more beautiful.

The trail is a way to give your friend its own beauty. The blooming flower adds its own attractive style and creates perfect beauty.

The stone that looks natural on the edge of the pond makes its own beauty. Greenery also serves to create a fresh atmosphere that is also very interesting.

Large and fresh-looking yard with green plants combined with the same shaggy and beautiful flowers adds to the atmosphere of your yard feels cool.

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4. Raising a roof.

All you need is a pergola and a roof that is solid. Then, have some fairy lights. You can also choose between outdoor heating or a fire bowl. Last but not least, grow some climbers up the support poles. You get an extra space safe, free from the rain or the scorching sun.

Beautiful and cool yard on the roof of the house, making the atmosphere fresher. Green plants make different shades for the page.


The unique roof of the house with vines that make the main attraction. The plant gives a different feel and creates a beautiful and fresh atmosphere.

Design a beautiful roof top garden with a variety of plants make your home feel cool.

Colorful flowers make your feel more colorful, green plants create a feel of freshness in your yard. The vines also function as a special attraction and make the air cooler.

The spacious courtyard on the roof looks attractive. Green plants that make the atmosphere fresher, benches made of wood that can be used to relax enjoy the fresh air.

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5. My secret garden.

You may need more extra work for this. Unless you have already got a natural pond in your backyard, just add more pebbles, flowers, plants, and at least two statues to make it your unique secret garden.

Yes, we can thank the author Frances Hodgson-Burnett. Her book might not have inspired these secret garden ideas if she had never written it.

Small pool for minimalist front yard design combined with some green plants make your yard more cool and attractive.

The combination of green plants and flowers by the pool makes the feel of your yard look more beautiful. Existing stone makes a more natural feel.

Beautiful backyard with a small pool in the corner makes your garden cool. Adding a small bridge adds beauty to your yard.

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Small ponds with natural gravel add a different feel to your yard. Addition of green plants make your yard cool.

The small pool at the corner adds beauty to your design. The combination of green plants makes this pool more beautiful.

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