5 Simple Garden Ideas: Go for Convenient Gardening

If you don’t have space wholly dedicated to a garden landscape but want to have one, you can opt for easy and simple garden ideas instead. It’ll give quick makeover you’re looking for and present tons of impact for you who want to show it to your guests afterward.

We have compiled five simple garden ideasbelow for your reference! Either you want to apply them indoor or outdoor, combining these simple tweaks will spruce it up and fulfill your mission. What’s best is that you won’t require much space, time, effort, and money. Revitalize your dream garden in no time!

1. Personalized Containers + Birdbath

Standard pots can be reassuring at most, but give them a little spark by modifying them a little bit into personalized containers! You can also try other pots garden ideas like an old wine barrel, used mugs or teacups, and cut letter board to experiment on this. For a classic touch of nature, invite birds to have a drink and bathe in an adorable garden birdbath.

The beautiful carved stone delicately encompasses a bowl of water perfect for the birds visiting your yard.
This basin almost blends right in with the grass, so to a bird, this just may look like a delicious puddle perfect for a drink.
This metal bird bath features a beautiful little bird perched atop a delicate budding branch
This all-natural rock bath features a stone bowl with added rocks to the bottom
The delicately carved bird bath is simple enough to not take away from all these natural elements

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2. Water Features

If you want to free your floor from any new stuff on top of it, you can try hanging baskets planted with spiller plants like licorice or strawberries. Try to invest in self-contained water features like a rock fountain or mini waterfall in your garden that only needs an electric plug without any plumbing required.

Steel and old railway sleepers work together to create a modern cascading water fall
Old wine bottles provide a unique way to make water flow slowly
This is one way to recycle old pianos into pond decorations
Simple colorful urns make the pond look more artistic
A modern water feature that blends with the surroundings is a hallmark of good design

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3. Herb Plants

Regardless of the size of your patio, it’s time to tidy it up by removing any weeds and brush mulches over to cover the cracks along with the slabs. If you don’t have mulches or sand, you can plant creeping thyme plants instead as a groundcover, where they’ll grow into beautiful purple flowers emitting succulent scent.

Small herbal garden with multi-tiered wooden boxes
Small herbs garden with wooden boxes to grow the vegetables you need
A small herb garden with plant boundaries to grow kitchen needs
Small herb garden with stone box for your small garden idea
Small herb garden with wooden boxes arranged in stages from large to smallest

Image source

4. Potted Plants along the Staircase

Any homeowner with staircase, rejoice! Greenery is now possible when you line the potted plants on each stair step. To further accentuate the colors, try placing solar lights or wall sconce along the way. If you want to try this idea but have no staircase, feel free to follow the tutorial of making a simple staircase plant stand instead.

A perfect design to house multiple plants and great for growing vegetables as well

Image source

Tall plant stand will allow you to grow several plants in just one space
Outdoor plant holder ideas stands builders showcase chic little house
Outdoor plant holder ideas project tiered stand using stair stringers and tread
Outdoor stairs planter ideas allow you to garden with narrow spaces

Image source

5. Fence Gardening

Your fence can house plants, too, after you coat it with transparent stain or colored paints. After it dries, make the garden fences a new home for wispy greens or herbs collection you always wanted.

Create a ladder effect with planters for your fence garden
Place uniformly on your fence, and let your plants add the color
Use a variety of bright colored recycled objects and furniture such as colorful chairs
Use wood crates as shelving in a mixture of fun colors and naturals
Hang the tootbag on your fence and don’t be afraid to use a mixture of color

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Convenient gardening is only one step away with these simple garden ideas!

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