5 Stunning, Shipping Container Apartment Ideas

Having shipping container apartment ideas has been a thing lately. Even before Marie Kondo came up with the idea, many people have already preferred this living concept. Living simply and being environmentally conscious do wonders for you. It is why having a shipping container apartment is appealing to many.

There are plenty of designs to consider. These five shipping container apartment ideas are only a few of the many out there. Check them out before you decide on one for you.


1. Studio Art Nomad Living

Just like regular studio apartments, this shipping container is small. To overcome that impression, the interior should be modern and vibrant. Many windows and sliders can make your residential place look more spacious than it is.

Bright colors, make your home studio more attractive.

Pairing the building with shade trees, make your studio home more beautiful.


Glass windows and doors will make it easier for you to see activities outside your home studio.


Adding colorful flowers on the roof of your home studio is able to beautify it.


2. Elegant Modern Container Home

What makes this one of the elegant shipping container apartment ideas is the window design. They are made floor-to-ceiling with glass panels. Ultra-modern, this apartment with such windows attract more sunlight during the day—especially in the summer.

Dominant glass as a wall, then enjoy your sleep with enough lighting.

Design with innovation and enhance the impression of space in this building so that it looks different from the surrounding buildings.

This design was realized by using used and unused containers to create several other public spaces.

From the start of the large glass door from floor to ceiling, the glass window makes enough light.

By keeping the trees around this container house, the house is protected from the sun’s heat.


3. Cargo Container House

This apartment uses six stacked cargo containers. If this apartment is built in the forest, you will get the impression of a giant treehouse or a cabin instead of an apartment. Consider this idea as a reflection of nature itself.

By maintaining the concept of a modern home design, this container house is extraordinary.

Built by several combined containers, the rooms in this house are numerous.

Identical to the twin houses, the selection of glass windows and doors, the light will enter freely.

Combined from several containers makes this building sturdy standing on a vast expanse of land.


4. Riverfront Container House

This two-storey container house may look best in front of the river—just like its name. However, this shipping container also looks good elsewhere. This apartment is a combination of traditional construction with container home. Sliding doors to the ends of the containers and storm shutters are nicely built here.

Without losing the impression of the countryside, this container selection is very appropriate.

The legs with electric iron poles make this container stand firmly in the middle of the forest.


By maintaining the trees around it, making this container house becomes cooler.

Combining containers, making this house very broad. Color container house with a rustic aroma.


5. Modern Shipping Container Cabin

Since modern can also mean minimalist, this shipping container cabin is one example. There are two bedrooms and two baths. You will also find separate guest quarters from the entire seven containers.

Really modern. The selection of containers with multilevel arrangement makes it look more modern.

Combining several containers by dominating the color with white, then this house looks clean and neat.

You have a narrow yard, then choose long and large containers to be able to accommodate your family.

The window is made of glass and the door is directly facing the outside yard, making you even more comfortable in this house.


Shipping container apartment ideas are a real deal if you prefer simplicity and elegance. These five are the best examples. Which one do you prefer most?

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