31 Super Cool Ideas for Small Backyard and Garden Designs

Who says bigger is always better? The same concept may not always apply for gardens. In this case, having a small backyard and garden design can be as super cool as having it big. Of course, it depends on how creative you are in maximizing a small space. Besides, you do not have to do a lot of maintenance for this.

Yes, you can make a big statement with something small. These 5 super cool, small backyard and garden design ideas make the perfect examples:


1. A file of herbs hanging along on an outdoor wall.

This is actually the same as the concept of basic vertical planting. By hanging a file of herbs along on an outdoor wall, you show your guests a unique design. You can place them on your porch or garage.


Stunning outdoor garden design, by adding vertical plants on the wall makes your terrace look cool and comfortable.
When there is little space for gardening in Terrace, go up! Use walls to create a vertical garden. It’s easier than you think and there are plenty of materials and designs to make you a special garden space. Below is an example of vertical gardening to inspire you.
Here are various designs of wooden pallet styles that stick to the wall. Planters are attached to wooden pallets,The design is almost unlimited based on your own imagination. For those of you who are familiar with the style of wall gardening, this DIY project is stunning and beautiful.
Various a wooden pallet style design is attached to the wall, these designs are almost unlimited based on your will. For those of you who like wall gardening, this is a beautiful patio palette for your home.
Various wooden pallets design mounted on the wall, you can add a seating area with perfect lighting. With a garden palette on the wall make your guests feel comfortable.

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2. The classic goddesses in the garden.

If you are into classical stuff (especially Greek mythology), you can try this idea. Despite the small backyard, a pair of statues of goddesses will make it look classier and more elegant.

A statue of a goddess made of interesting bronze material, with a water sculpture in the backyard that makes your garden look classic and elegant.
The attractive garden of sepia in a small courtyard with a statue of Yin Moon goddess makes your yard feel old fashioned and memorable.
Stunning outdoor garden sculpture design that can bring your garden to a unique and classic impression. For example, adding a goddess statue in a small courtyard will make your guests hypnotized to the ancient Greek age.
Old-fashioned outdoor garden design, for example, you can add a goddess statue with a marble ornament. This design to make your page easy to remember and brings a thick aura of classic mysticism.
Classic looking outdoor marble garden design. By adding a Roman goddess statue to create an ancient nuance in the backyard.

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3. The melding of the storage and style.

Let’s not leave your gardening tools scattered all over your small garden. With the melding of the storage and style, this sturdy bench can store them while keeping your garden beautiful.

A charming outdoor storage bench. The dark color floor combinations with a seating area and a chandelier to make the garden look functional and elegant.

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Storage Bench in a unique garden with storage. This design is a minimalist design with a place-saving farming style and can make this small garden look classy.

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A storage bench in the modern garden with a wooden L-shaped seating area, functional and stylish in the small garden. This design is a minimalist design with a modern style for you to try.

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The design of the seating area is attractive outside. For example, the seating area is combined with a storage bench. Besides being comfortable, you can easily store your things.

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A combination of furniture and sleek storage. Garden bench are attractive furniture that can accommodate two adults and double as a lockable deck box with a large storage capacity. Garden benches are fully weather resistant and with a neat design suitable for a variety of outdoor styles.

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4. The tropical style with shady palms.

This idea works wonders if you live in a tropical area. Tall palms live really well in such a climate. Despite not offering enough shade, their unique shape makes your small backyard or garden look interesting.

When planting tropical plants, think about how much space a species needs in the end. Consider the size of your palm in the end, not its size when in your nursery pot. This can affect the space available for smaller plants or companion plants that you might want to add to the garden area.
Consider varying the species you plant. The diversity of species really adds to the character of the garden and gives it a botanical meaning. For that, there are tropical plants that you need to try, for example with your tall palms that make your guests memorable.
In addition to making a cool place, this plant can also be used to hide buildings or trash cans. Maybe with your own tropical landscape, there is also a different microclimate, most likely there is a perfect palm for all these needs.
You may have a large open sun yard, but by growing fast-growing tropical plants, your sunlight will be reduced. In other words, think about where you will shade when your palms are large. For example, if you are trying to keep the sun in a side yard, with this design you might need to try.
I’ve heard everything most likely there is a perfect palm for all these needs. To create a shady atmosphere, this design is suitable for those of you who have certain situations such as seaside gardens, hot Outback gardens, dry gardens, with an outline of living in a tropical area.

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5. Maximizing the fence space.

A small backyard is not an excuse to not get creative. Maximize the fence space by applying a built-in container garden. Make sure you choose the right herbs or plants that will not overly weigh the containers down.

Garden containers made of iron to put herbs plants on the terrace, can create a fresh feel and these plants can make something in your small garden.

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Herb Garden for a small space in your home, for example by planting herbs in a small garden will create a fresh atmosphere, besides herbs are also beneficial for you and space-saving on your terrace.

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Plant herb plants in containers can be fun and beneficial. With container gardening can help people with limited outdoor space turn the patio into green space compartments and give a fresh natural touch. Regardless of its sixth shape, the right combination of soil, light, and water will help gardeners get the best out of their efforts.

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Tips for gardening containers that are creative and cheap. For example, by setting the terrace space, you can add a hanging plant on the fence. Select the correct Herb plant container to create a comfortable atmosphere.

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Wooden fence in a small garden with a herb garden container, maximizing the space of the fence by applying container gardens. Make sure you choose a potion that won’t overload the container. Backyard design ideas should be tried.

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So, who says you cannot do much with a small backyard or garden? These 5 small backyard and garden design ideas have proven you wrong.




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