5 Sweet, Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Shabby chic is a perfect combination of nature, grace, and style. Consider a mixture of wood, antiques, and rusty metal with fresh, feminine colors. It goes the same when you try to apply shabby chic kitchen decor ideas. Not only gorgeous, but shabby chic in your kitchen will also make the look last a while.

Without further ado, here are five examples of sweet, shabby chic kitchen decor ideas.


1. Cream-Colored Cabinets + Ruffled Seat Covers

This classic Mediterranean style makes a shabby kitchen look sweet. A combination of cream-colored cabinets with ruffled seat covers offers a feminine, homey look. It is also a treat to your eyes if you seek a sense of peace at home.

Not always having enough space to make a large kitchen, we can install marble surfaces, large cabinets, and drawers. This element ensures function to the kitchen and only depends on the ideal solution in terms of size, storage capacity, and flexibility of use.

This kitchen distribution allows free access, while the space used is entirely. The table top is made of glass and cabinets from synthetic wood. The friendly and charming touch of this area is located on a long table of cream and dark colors, sharing a palette with a cream-colored floor.

The design allows 360 degree management and the use of every square centimeter. The table top has a large area for the snack area. The chocolate design on the top and bottom cabinets creates a bold and perfect combination with doors, chairs and red accessories. Too beautiful!

The design of this kitchen is very extraordinary. The brown color on the top cabinet gives the impression of elegance and sophistication. The central islands are very practical and invite anyone to gather around you.

For lovers of classic elegance and freedom, there is nothing better than this classic design, traditional and very elegant format. All wood is dark, sophisticated design complemented by a dark gray table top and a modern central kitchen island.


2. Romantic Pink and White Shabby Kitchen

This idea is also another classic, feminine style that can sweeten up your shabby kitchen’s overall decoration. Opt for pure or off-white cabinets and mix them up with soft pink furniture pieces. You can also do a combination, like a white kitchen island with the top painted pink.

A kitchen that knows how to use space and light. With only a few surfaces, but utilizing all the furniture with low cabinets, this kitchen uses every centimeter to store and organize things.

The combination of kitchen and lounge with a wooden table design and white painted chairs. Looks pretty brave by displaying all-pink colors, but still simple and clever.

The kitchen design is mixed with your study table. Use multi-story tables for multi-functions. Then you will find enjoyment when eating your lunch with your family.

Modern impression is on your dining table and kitchen table. With cupboards to store some kitchen equipment. Very clever in choosing your wall decoration.


3. Blue Walls + Pink Decorative Plates

There are three things to describe a shabby chic kitchen decor: bright, eclectic, and fun. The powder blue walls appear soft with touches of pink in furniture pieces and other knick-knacks. A white floating shelf is a perfect platform to place antique china, cups, and even to hang your floral handkerchiefs.

The kitchen is one room that must exist in a house. In the past, the kitchen functioned only as a place for cooking or eating dishes. But today, the function has been increasingly shifted until now the kitchen is considered as the heart of the house with designs that follow trends and lifestyles

Try to be stacked with the same height and similar products. Tuck in a few of your favorite displays so the kitchen feels personal.

The orange color in the kitchen is believed to give the impression of warmth, comfort, and cheerfulness. This color can strengthen relationships between families when cooking or eating a meal together.


4. Hanging Window Bottles

For your shabby chic kitchen decor ideas, hang some bottles by the window. Choose small bottles and cups with curves, so it is easier to wrap some wire around them. Then, add some water and small flowers in each container before you hang them.

Even though the kitchen is minimalist, you can still play decoration with fun. Choose bottles with different flowers like this. Your kitchen looks interesting and makes you passion for cooking, right?


You can even use kitchen equipment to decorate your kitchen. By placing cups, plates and bowls on the table and on your shelf, it will display the impression of elegance in your kitchen.

You can store your spices near the window of your home. Beautiful is not it? Makes you even more enthusiastic to make classy hotel cuisine.


Hang bottles your ex near the window of your house. The function of this bottle is to beautify your kitchen.


5. Distressed White Cabinets + Floating Shelves

The idea of a sweet-looking, chic kitchen decor can also be this simple. White is a perfect color for a small kitchen. The floating shelves also help to save some space.

The main feature of this kitchen is the ash table which is in the middle of your place of cooking. Shelves above the kitchen table are useful for storing several small pots to beautify your room.

The design of this kitchen is horizontal lines and flat surfaces, reinforced with elongated windows located on the table. The white color on the top cabinet gives the impression of elegance and sophistication. The central islands are very practical and invite anyone to gather around you.

This design exudes pleasure and modernity. The storage room remains behind the door by only displaying the stove. Amazing kitchen

When we talk about the kitchen, it is safe and comfortable that must be there. Then treat your family to a long flat table to have a meal together and chat.


Here are five examples of sweet, shabby chic kitchen decor ideas. Do you have more ideas for your kitchen?

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