5 Top IKEA PAX Designs That Look Built-In and Custom

IKEA has been a favorite to many and a mighty reference in home design. One of their best ideas is an IKEA PAX. From college students to housewives, everybody needs the top IKEA PAX ideas for their closets. Not only looking expensive, but these IKEA PAX closet systems can also look built-in and custom-made.

So, are you ready for the built-in and custom-made looks these top IKEA PAX designs can give you? Here are the best five examples.


1. The Well-cut and Tucked in PAX

If your house has two floors, you can be smart with this idea. This well-cut and tucked in PAX under the eaves save some decent moving space. The monochromatic color (dark gray) also makes this PAX look modern and timeless.

This beautiful gray IKEA closet will add an elegant impression to your bedroom. Located beside the fireplace, this design creates the beauty of your room.

Appearing unique and elegant in white, IKEA storage cabinets enhance the design of your room. Enjoy the elegant and stylish impression with this white wardrobe.

Enjoy the beauty of IKEA wardrobe designs with elegant designs to add to the beauty of your bedroom.

Appearing elegant and extraordinary, this large gray wardrobe creates the beauty of your bedroom design. This IKEA wardrobe is suitable for creating the comfort of storing clothes in your room.

Combined with wooden shelves, this IKEA cabinet is more elegant in your room. With a simple design, this cabinet also offers the beauty of your space design.

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2. The Storage Cube Organizer

This idea has three wonderful things:  cubes with massive storage capacity, a sturdy steel frame, and durability. This storage cube organizer does not get wet or dirty easily, so it is also worry-free.

This open cabinet with a cube shape adds to the beauty of your room’s design. With a black color, the design of this cube cabinet creates an extraordinary impression of elegance.

Appearing elegant, this white cube cabinet creates the beauty of your living room design. Here, you can display beautiful decorations and your favorite book collections.

This black cube cabinet creates an elegant impression in your living room. Here, you can save your items so the text is neat.

White, this cube shaped open cabinet adds to the beauty of your room’s design. Enjoy the neatness and beauty of the design by adding this cube cabinet.

Black and cube-shaped, this open storage cabinet adds to the beauty of your living room design.

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3. The Wall Mural on the MDF Panel Doors

The idea for this top IKEA PAX is simple. By using curtains on the MDF panel doors, you get to have your wall mural. The closet system does not have to look so bare, and you have something nice to look at every night.

Beautiful floral pattern with a blue base, the closet door in this room adds to the beauty of your bedroom design.

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Perfect your wardrobe design by giving a pink color with a beautiful flower motif. Now, you will enjoy the beauty of the beautiful and attractive storage cabinet design.

Enjoy the beauty of the design of the cabinets with exceptional patterned doors. These flower and leaf motifs add to the beauty and unique impression of your closet.

Enjoy a beautiful and attractive design with this cabinet. Here, you can add beautiful colors to add to the beauty of your cabinet design.

Colorful floral pattern, this IKEA cabinet door adds to the beauty of your cabinet’s design. With a sliding design, this storage cabinet adds an extraordinary unique impression.

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4. The Wardrobe Storage Closet

There are two important things to note down here: high quality and low price. This wardrobe storage closet has both of them and enough space for your clothes. Plus, its steel frame makes it stand tall and strong.

With dark colors, this storage cabinet seems more elegant. Here, you can store your clothes neatly and safely.

Appearing elegant in white, this wardrobe creates a neat impression in your dressing room.

This beautiful and attractive wardrobe with white color adds to the beauty of your room. Here, you can create the neatness and safety of your clothes.

This minimalist and unique look adds to the beauty of your wardrobe design. Furthermore, the white color will also add an elegant impression to your cabinet design.

Impressing unique and elegant, this white wardrobe has the beauty of your dressing room design. Perfect your design cabinets with additional mirrors and drawers.

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5. The White Cubby Storage with the Gold Pulls

The angled design makes the white closet system (including the cubby storage) stand out and also not in the way. Wondering how to find the MDF panel doors? There are gold pulls to mark their existence.

This white nightstand adds to the beauty of your room’s design. Here, the pull of the gold color adds to the beauty of the Nightstand design

With a luxurious gold pull, this Nightstand design adds to the beauty of your bedroom design.

Created unique and attractive, this minimalist Nightstand is getting prettier with gold-colored traction.

This beautiful white nightstand is more beautiful with a golden pull. Here, this nightstand adds to the beauty of your bedroom design.

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Your top IKEA PAX should be simple, but you can also make it look built-in and custom-made. These five above are just the best examples.

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