5 Walk in Chicken Coop Design Ideas

To maintain the health of your chicken, a well-designed walk in chicken coop is indeed important. After all, the happier the chicken is, the healthier they become. Installing these 5 walk in chicken coop design ideas is not only great for the chicken, but for the owner as well. 

Being a walk in coop, these are easy to clean. The chicken will feel happy because they have enough room to grow and stretch. Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

1. Make Sure It’s Sturdy

Your chicken needs to be protected from the outsiders, such as their predators. So, the material of the coop needs to be strong and not lightweight to ensure they won’t be disturbed. This way, your chicken is safe and sound in the coop!

Your pet chicken will grow up and develop rapidly if you take care of it properly. One of your services is to make quality chicken coops.

Provide air circulation so that oxygen can enter freely in the chicken coop, so that your pet chicken can breathe with relief. Now get quality chicken products.

Predators for chickens include snakes. Then make a cage for your chicken from materials that can protect it from snakes.

Make a stage cage for your chicken bed, so you don’t get cold on the ground.

Protect your chickens from the cold weather by making a closed cage so that the warmth can still be felt by your pet chickens.

Your chicken can grow well if you make the cage well too. So make a wooden cage with a stage so they can rest comfortably in it.

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2. Ventilation

Keeping a good air circulation inside the coop will keep your chicken nicely. If the coop is too cramped with poor circulation, the feces inside the coop might affect their respiratory. You may end up making the chicken unwell.

Air circulation can work well if you make a cage like this for your chickens.

Make your cage as comfortable as possible for the comfort of your chicken. Make it as beautiful as possible so that your chicken feels at home in its cage.

You can use used items as ingredients to make a chicken coop. A simple example is with a used car.

Closed cages are able to create warmth for him, especially when the snow comes, the cold will surely hit him.

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You can use your garden yard to raise chickens because building a chicken coop does not require large tracts of land.

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3. Treated Wood

There is a great debate about this. This is because most of the treated wood has gone through a tough process full of chemical. However, if you don’t use this wood, the coop may not last as long. 

The existence of chickens can be an interesting educational tool for your toddlers and your children, so make a chicken coop around your yard.

You can take advantage of eggs, meat and chicken manure and their growth does not require a long time, so make a stage-shaped chicken coop so that you can easily clean up chicken manure.

Looks simple, clean and elegant. How to make it is not too complicated, right?

If you don’t have too many chickens, you can try this so that your page can still be used to play.

Chicken coops look simple but elegant, you can make them in your yard.

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4. Clean Easily

When creating walk in chicken coop, look for the design that makes it easy for you to clean. For example, you can have a removable floor to ease your maintenance in the future.

Wow, your chicken will feel at home in its cage, don’t forget to give a roof so your chicken is protected from the rain.

So that your chicken does not roam outside the cage, then make the cage as attractive as possible!

Your pet chicken can be an educational media in educating your children about livestock.

A cupboard with shelves you can use to make a laying hen, every day you can easily take your chicken eggs.

Protect your pet chickens from the heat of the sun and rain, make sure your chickens will be healthy and avoid pain.

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5. Multi-Level

If you have a smaller space in the yard, you can always create a multi-level chicken coop. This is also a great way to add a unique design to your chicken coop.

Relax, for those of you who do not have a large yard can make a cage for your chickens with a small size but rather elongated so that your chicken can play with friends.

Your yard is not that large, you can use it to make a simple chicken coop and don’t need a lot of material.

The yard next to your fence can be used to make a simple but useful chicken coop for the comfort of your chickens.

No need to worry about the narrow yard, you can still make a simple chicken coop but can also accommodate some of your pet chickens.

You can add your children’s play yard to a chicken cage that can be an educational event for your children.

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Turn your home into a real farm with these walk in chicken coop. Make it great so it can also be a functional outdoor fixture.

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