Apartment Hacks: Here Are 5 Easy Apartment Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is among the three most essential parts in a house (two others are the bedroom and kitchen), especially when it comes to decorating. A comfortable bathroom space to let you shower every day can increase the quality of your life; more if you know the utilization hacks! Moreover, you also have every right to keep it elegant and up to your preference without getting the feeling of clutter or outdated look.

Bring out a bathroom that’s also space-efficient and charming at the same time. Here are several apartment bathroom ideas you can follow to take up the fun challenge.

1. Ladder Shelving

Vertical storage is always the best solution to a cramped space at home. You can try placing your toiletries and bathroom necessities in a bathroom ladder shelf with a deeper structure at the bottom, followed to the top in shallower ones. This way, it doesn’t look too bulky! You can also try to repurpose an old ladder by adding wire baskets on each step.

Bathroom apartment with old wooden stairs as storage for toiletries

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A practical bathroom apartment with wooden stairs and iron shelves
Simple bathroom apartment with storage from wooden stairs and woven racks
Beautiful bathroom apartment with storage of white wooden stairs and a touch of plants
Charming bathroom apartment with storage of black iron stairs and a touch of woven

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2. Plants

Greeneries in a bathroom have become common, and you can try putting bathroom plants that can accommodate the humidity inside. Some of the most popular plants in the bathroom include the easy-to-grow bamboo, tropical orchid, and even Aloe Vera with millions of benefits. It’s time to breathe that natural vibe right into your bathroom space!

Decorating the bathroom of the apartment with a clear vase for laying wet plants
Decorating the bathroom of an apartment with a variety sizes of pots and plants
Blue themed apartment bathroom decor with ornamental plants beside the sink
Decorating the bathroom of an apartment with hanging vines and pots in the corner
Modern apartment bathroom decor with white vases and fruitful plants

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3. Art

Never neglect the power from art. It indeed complies with bathroom space and can work out as long as you agree with the bathroom’s decor style. You can look forward to spending a comfortable time inside, accompanied by bathroom artwork display on the available wall space. You can arrange them based on themes, colors, or frame sizes.

Modern apartment bathroom decor with beautiful plant paintings
Modern apartment bathroom decor with plant paintings and flower pots placed on sturdy pillars
Modern apartment bathroom decor with paintings of old English aristocrats

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Modern apartment bathroom decor with three integrated turtle paintings

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Modern apartment bathroom decor with trinkets and antique furniture

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4. Hooks

Another way to arrange toiletries is by hanging them on bathroom hooks that can maximize the space efficiently. They can be a small detail missed by the eyes, but their practical function can also contribute to the decor, too. Therefore, you can try using wooden peg hooks or brass door hook in a white bathroom.

Leaving the wall hooks and towels unpainted while putting other colorful objects in the bathroom will give a beautiful display of contrast
Put all the towels in sequence for the focus point
Place a towel hook near the sink and you can step out of the bathroom after you have finished drying
Combining hooks with decals turns towel hooks into works of art
Adding a wooden element in your bathroom will change your aesthetic into rustic

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5. Mirror

Serving the focal point and importance to your daily showering activity, the bathroom mirror gives a larger illusion to the room by reflecting the light. You can try using a round mirror that comes softer and won’t look too big and bulky.

Mirror shaped can be used on a single sink vanity
Choosing an unconventional form is an easy and effective way to make statements in a variety of bathroom sizes or styles
Hang a mirror from a visible rope or wire is a great way to add interesting elements
A simple mirror can get glamorous updates with additional backlighting
Not only does a large mirror look impressive, it also helps you bring light

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We hope one or two of these easy apartment bathroom ideas can attend to the bathroom hacks you need!

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