24 Awesome Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Copy

If cooking indoor is too mainstream for you, opt for an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen might bring you joy in life. You and your family can feast in the open and airy place, making the meals more mouthwatering. Have you got one outdoor kitchen to experience it? If not, check these year outdoor kitchen ideas to copy.


1. Accentuate the View

Your backyard or rooftop view is more inviting for outdoor activity. You only need to work with it. They will certainly accentuate the excitement of an outdoor feast with family or friends.

 If you got a pool in your backyard, design the outdoor kitchen to face it. The blue-colored pool can keep you calm while cooking for meals. You can even have a city view if you have an outdoor rooftop kitchen. Cooking in the kitchen with a beautiful view will surely boost your mood.

No pool and no rooftop, but have various green plants in the garden? It is just more than perfect for your outdoor kitchen design. Experience the great sensation of eating on a large green field with your lovely family from the backyard. 

Bar stools beside the grill and a friendly wooden table for many open-air hangouts.
Sleek stone fireplace and grill station paired with contrasting wood pergolas.
Bright red Navy chairs add a pop of color.
This outdoor entertaining space features a pizza oven and dining area.
Outdoor kitchen with stone piles and wooden structures
Outdoor kitchen set-up proves you don’t need a lot of outdoor space for a stylish and functional kitchen
A giant chalkboard wall is the perfect place to write menus and to-do lists
The windows can be raised, opening the space up to the great outdoors

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2. Use Resilient Materials

Outdoor means watery, windy, and sunny. Thus, your outdoor kitchen materials should be able to withstand all weather and climate problems.  Use resilient materials is one of the best outdoor kitchen ideas. They will keep your outdoor kitchen in good condition.

Marble, stone, stainless steel, stucco, and tile are known best for their weather resistance level. You can install them as your kitchen modular, top of the dining table, kitchen sink, grill station, and kitchen cabinet.

Work with stacked stones and board panels to create a fireplace and a grill station on your backyard. The dark blue natural color of stones will work with reddish-brown panels perfectly. 

The outdoor kitchen is made of marble and stainless
Stainless was chosen because it is rust resistant
Outdoor kitchen with stone domination
Stainless is a tough kitchen utensil
Outdoor kitchen with stone and stainless materials
Beautiful outdoor kitchen with stones, stainless and iron
Stainless steel counter-tops give this outdoor kitchen a modern feel

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3. Install the Entertainment Point

Installing a television in your outdoor kitchen is another great idea to spend days and nights on the airy situation. You can entertain yourself while preparing food. Besides, you can check and watch your favorit cooking program (to get recipes and see your favorite chef!) on television in the kitchen. 

The other alternatives are installing a minibar, BBQ spot, and outdoor fireplace. Your family and friends can’t stop thanking you for this best place to hang out. 

Outdoor TV in an outdoor kitchen as entertainment when cooking

Image source

Outdoor kitchen with a TV mounted above the fireplace
You can entertain yourself while cooking with a TV in an outdoor kitchen
Attractive outdoor kitchen with TV and fan on the ceiling
Japanese-style outdoor kitchen with TV and wicker chairs
A modern outdoor kitchen with several TVs and a fire pit
A fabulous outdoor kitchen with TV and comfortable chairs
A beautiful outdoor kitchen with classic chairs and TV
Comfortable outdoor kitchen with a TV and multi-functional bar

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It is easy to have a lovely outdoor kitchen, isn’t it? You need to try these 2019 outdoor kitchen ideas.

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