Colorful Living Room Ideas to Boost Your Child’s Development

Have you ever wondered why children’s classrooms are full of colors? Bright colors help them distinguish some objects and this boosts their development. This is a great chance to get a colorful living room! Here are 3 colorful living room ideas that you can try.

1. Balance with White

Colors can be overwhelming and tiring on the eyes, so you can start by painting your walls white. This way, you can play around with your furniture instead. Woods are also great to have as floors or furniture. It’s all about how you can balance all the colors together! A little tip for decorating a room for children is not to use wallpapers because your child can easily ruin them, yet it is harder to fix compared to paint. 

To produce a colorful living room decoration, combining white as a base is a good idea. Next, choose wood furniture with colors other than white such as brown tables, black and beige sofas, and some bright cushions. With this combination, the living room looks colorful.

Combining white paint with orange can be an inspiration to create colorful shades in the guest room. Furthermore, still, place some furniture and ornaments that will beautify this room.

White paint will never fail to decorate the living room. However, to get the impression of color in this room, put some furniture in a bolder color. For example, pink and dark brown sofas with green tables. In addition, putting a small wooden table is also very helpful.



Combining white and blue paint with some wooden furniture can give a natural impression in this living room. However, to give the impression of color, add flower-patterned to the sofa and pillows. In addition, attach a patterned rug that makes this room more colorful.

By applying brown wood furniture in a white room it gives a colorful impression to this living room. adding some ornaments like a picture and flowers in the vase will also sweeten the decoration of this living room.

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2. Bold Colored Sofa

You can get one bold, solid color for your sofa to get an instant colorful vibe. Another idea is to have a neutral colored sofa, but decorated with bunch of colorful pillows! Have fun with this and you can easily get colorful vibe just by playing around with the pillows. Of course, you can also opt for readily-made colorful sofa as well.

To create a colorful vibe in the living room, try with the beige sofa and then put some bright cushion. And then, display a patterned rug to beautify this decoration. This way is a simple to try in the house.

Furthermore, to maximize the decoration of the colored living room, laying a white sofa combined with several bright cushions will beautify the decoration of this living room. As a sweetener, put some ornaments such as flowers and wall galleries.

To create colorful decorations, make a beige sofa with pillows that will be an excellent inspiration. This decoration is very simple but looks perfect.

Laying the gray sofa with several colored sofa cushions makes the decoration of this living room look colorful. To beautify this decoration, put some ornaments and bookshelves behind this sofa.

With shades of white, this living room looks very clean and warm. However, to give the impression of a more colorful room in this room mix gray couch with a bright cushion on it. In addition, adding ornaments like a picture and patterned curtains will also give a sweet impression to the decoration of this living room.

Match the gray sofas with some brightly colored cushions that look very attractive and can be an inspiration. In addition, apply patterned rug under the seating area to give a neat impression in this living room.

To maximize the decoration of the living room using a white sofa then place some bright cushions like blue, orange and purple. With some of this arrangement, the living room looks very colorful.

Decorate the living room to make it look more colorful with a combination of white sofa and several cushions in different colors. Next to sweeten this room, add house plants and ornaments on this living room table.

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3. Beanbags Everywhere

This is another idea that you can use as colorful living room ideas. Beanbags come in a range of colors, so you can throw them here and there. The best part is that your children can play around with it. They are going to have so much fun! Beanbags also give a cozy feel because people can just lie around wherever they want.

The design of the living room for children will be very comfortable and decorated with neatly arranged blue beanbags. Next, add colorful striped rugs will give a colorful decoration.

Adding bean bags to the living room is very comfortable for children. Combining it with a chocolate sofa with colorful pillows and wall decorations can give a fresh and natural impression to this living room.

By placing green and brown bean bags in this living room, will make the living room design suitable for children’s design. Furthermore, to maximize this decoration can be combined with several wooden furniture and wooden interior.

Bean bags are additional furniture that can be used to complete the decoration of this living room. In addition, combine it with wooden furniture and some ornaments that will embellish this decoration.

Green and yellow patterned bean bags are perfect for children in the living room. In addition to giving a colorful impression, the bean bags provide comfort for children.

Not only for children, but bean bags can also be used for pets which of course is very liked by children. To set bean bags, it can be combined with other furniture such as fur carpet and sofa.

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Those are some colorful living room ideas that you can try to use while still pleasing your children. The ideas above are perfect for them, yet won’t tire the eyes of adults too much. Have fun playing around in your living room with the family!

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