Cozy and Functional: 24 Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

We spend a lot of their time in our bedroom. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the bedroom. As a place to relax, a bedroom needs to be comfortable and practical. To achieve this, you can implement a modern rustic design in your bedroom. The warm and natural rustic elements combined with the cleanness and modern functional character provides coziness and functionality. Try these modern rustic bedroom ideas as a starter.


1. Modern Rustic Bedroom Color Scheme

The color scheme in a modern rustic bedroom is the combination of the rustic and modern color pallete. Rustic colors usually give homey and comfy atmosphere while modern colors focus on a clean and simple characteristic. Rustic colors resemble natural elements like wood, stone, or mud, so the options for the color can be brown or gray. A modern design usually uses black and white color to keep the room elegant and minimal. One of the modern rustic bedroom ideas in the picture shows the room with mostly white color with a little touch from the furniture’s rustic color.  

a simple white color with some furniture and modern classic touches that will give an elegant impression for your bedroom. This will be the right choice if you like the white color and neutral fells.
Talking about a comfortable bedroom, we adjust the material and design. Rustic and modern design will give you more attractive impression for an elegant bathroom design. Wooden touch will give you a natural impression.
an elegant impression created by the large bed with the right choice of colors and natural lighting from the window will give you comfort in your bedroom. With a wooden furniture give a bit of rustic and modern impression.
An image on above is very appropriate for rustic lovers, because almost all designs use wood material. With a little touch of white color that will give the impression of modern and elegant bedroom

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A large bed with a modern design with wooden walls that will give a rustic impression of your bedroom. Big Window are a great way to provide lighting for bedroom.
A perfect rustic design with a large bed that made of iron material and brick walls. Natural lighting from several windows and wooden touch furniture that will add a rustic impression in your bedroom.
Many point to arrange bedroom with a rustic style. A wooden touch gives the impression of relaxing and a large modern bed to add your elegant ambiance. You can choose one furniture to make comfort bedroom.
When you choose a bathroom design with a modern rustic style, choose brown and white wood furniture with bright lighting from the window will give you a comfortable atmosphere of rest.
The combination of rustic and modern style will be the right choice for your design. Wooden pallet walls and wooden furniture provide an important role in this design.
If you want a rustic touch for your bedroom, clay walls and wooden ceilings is an attractive design that you should try, include by a table lamp for simple lighting.

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2. Modern Rustic Bedroom Furniture

One of the modern rustic bedroom ideas is to use modern rustic furniture. Similar to rustic design, modern rustic style also uses natural materials like wood or stone. However, while rustic design utilizes them in asymmetrical natural forms, a modern rustic style exploits the materials with clear cut shapes like rectangles or spheres. In addition, besides the aesthetic point, modern rustic furniture also focuses on the functionality of its furniture. 

If you choose a rustic bedroom design, wooden cottages will give an extraordinary impression. You can give some modern furniture like sofa and small table lamps to make a perfect design.

White nuanced bedroom is very popular for some people, with other colors for beds and furniture with wood materials, so it is very appropriate to give an elegant impression to your rustic design.

Furniture selection for bedroom rustic designs is very complicated if you are not creative to choose it. for example, a unique wooden table and a wooden headboard are enough to change your design to be very energetic and elegant.

Very extraordinary if you can determine the furniture for your bedroom, with a touch of wood material will make a perfect rustic design. The main bed is very important for the comfort of your rest. The wooden furniture is perfect to accompany the design in your bedroom.

Most of the people will choose a rustic design to remodel bedroom. Wooden bed are the right choice for you to improve the rustic style. You can combine with white brick walls and natural lighting from the window to get a natural impression.

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Many point to decorate rustic bedroom, you can choose the wooden bed at the center. Nightstand on beside will be a simple furniture for additional. With a large glass window that can give perfect lighting in your bedroom.

Wooden beds and some wooden furniture in your room are very appropriate to give the impression of rustic. This is very compatible with modern rustic design integrated walls and concrete floors, as well as perfect furniture placement in your room.

Rural atmosphere is very visible with brick walls and some furniture made from wood. Black lanterns will add to the beauty of your room.

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3. Modern Rustic Bedroom Interior

A modern rustic feeling can also be seen in the bedroom’s interior design such as the wall and floor. A well-shaped, polished with modern finishes reclaimed wood is commonly used to decorate a room to give a modern rustic atmosphere. With this interior, the reclaimed wood material will provide rustic characteristics such as homey feeling while maintaining the cleanness and simple charm of modern design. A white brick wall and wooden modern polished reclaimed wood in the picture show the combination of rustic and modern style. 

With these modern rustic bedroom ideas, you can turn your bedroom into a comfy and functional place.

Starting a modern rustic design with attention to the floor and ceiling is difficult. But rustic design with brown wooden floor, wooden ceiling and some wooden furniture that are perfect for modern rustic decoration.

Hunting for art, this can be said to be an extraordinary work. A harmonious blend of rural and modern integrated into the interior of the room. An elegant wooden bed and white walls also make an elegant impression for your bedroom design.

When talking about bedroom floors, neatly arranged and unique wooden pallets can be an extraordinary interior design. Accompanied by a choice of white walls and bed sheets to make a perfect blend of rustic and modern design.

The experience of decorating the room cannot be separated from the interior. This is an example of a rustic and modern design, such as a wooden wall with some wooden furniture. Apart from that the white color for ceiling and floor are the right color.

With rustic characteristics  is an inspiring design. The elegant wooden mirror frame and super large headboard make your bedroom comfortable rest.

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Learn from some ideas that already exist, maybe this is a unique design for you try. Brick walls and large windows make perfect indoor lighting.Wooden bed designs that will add an elegant impression to your bedroom.

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