28 Ideas to Create a Roomy Small Living Room with These Design Tricks

Is it feeling cramped up while slouching down the couch in your living room? It probably one of those perks of having a small living room. Some people prefer a little bit smaller living room for practicality reason and as a chance to stock less furniture. Occasionally, however, you may wish for a more spacious look to freshen the room.

You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t need to throw or sell your furniture out to gain more space. Check out these tricks to establish a roomy small living room design and get ready to witness how much your living room will improve.


1. Keep It Light

Incorporate minimum use of designs, patterns, or colours into the wall, floor, and ceiling. For instance, you can re-paint your room with white or peach colour or stick wallpapers in vertical stripes or thin motifs. A light-coloured flooring for a simple small living room design helps to create an airier room.

If you love dark colours, you can opt for this as well. However, you should know that even if darker colouring builds a cosy space, it absorbs light instead of reflecting it. On the other hand, vertical stripes work in the same way as clothing. They elongate the area and help your room appear taller.

If you like dark colors, you can choose dark gray and white for  living room decoration. With this color your living room might look very stylish.
Dominated by walls, white sofas and other furniture such as wooden storage cabinets and some painting on the wall, will make the atmosphere of your living room look neat and clean.
Motif rugs, wooden tables and other furniture will make your living room more perfect. Use of dark colors on the walls will also add to your romantic living space. You should know that even though darker coloring can build a comfortable space.
If you want to make your living room look minimalist, you can repaint your room with a peach color. A combination of wooden storage shelves and a white sofa will make your living room look classy.
Your small living room look perfect with white walls and some other furniture. For example a gray sofa, wooden table and wall decoration make your living room more attractive.

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A window might add natural lighting in the living room. No less important than peach color walls will make your living room look luxurious.
Green plants in pots at the corner of the room, will keep the air in your living room fresh. With peach color walls and some other furniture such as orange sofa and wooden table can make your living room more stylish.
Wall paintings add to the impression of your classic living room. Combined with peach color walls can also make the living room more perfect

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2. Glasses or Mirrors

Buy transparent accessories or large thin mirror to decorate the living room. The trend of having glass and lucite pieces don’t take up too much visual space. Putting a large mirror contributes to a broader look on the room as well, since it reflects the view. You can put it across the window or behind the end table to establish a chic trompe-l’œil! Another idea for a small living room design on a budgetis to lay a rug to get a more massive and exciting room appearance.

Placing a large mirror also contributes to the appearance of a spacious room, paintings on the walls and antique chairs will add to the atmosphere of your living room looking stylish.
Your minimalist living room look more beautiful with a few paintings on the wall. Installing a small mirror  make your living room look neat. The integration of white walls and ceramic floors can add your beautiful living room.
Large glass mounted behind the white sofa will look more beautiful. Combination of carpet motifs and white walls make your small living room look perfect.
Natural lighting from the window make your living room always look bright. With a mirror installed between the windows look good. White sofa and some other furniture can make your living room classy.

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A large living room will inspire you to put some furniture, for example a large mirror above the sofa look perfect. So your living room look more elegant.
It feels incomplete if the living room has no mirror. If you want to make your living room look classy, ​​you have to install some furniture, for example a white sofa and a wooden table.
Large mirror placed between the white sofa will make your living room look luxurious. Other furniture will be supportive, for example table lamps and windows  make your living room more extraordinary.
A combination of wood floor and white walls will make your living room more naturally. Large windows will help lighting in the room. The installation of a mirror above the sofa  add a classy feel for your beautiful living room.

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3. Multi-purpose Furniture

The last trick is to put up some small living room furniture arrangement creatively. Choose multi-purpose furniture like a convertible coffee table, a pull-out couch, and expandable table. Hidden storages in furniture allow you to stock stuff while saving the space.

These simple tricks are the most common ones for creating an illusion of a roomy small living room design. Using one or combining all the methods will spice up your room to a new level. Try it now!

The most important room in your home is the living room, so you have to decorate it perfectly. Designing some small living room furniture creatively, choosing multipurpose furniture like coffee tables can greatly save space for storing things in the living room.
Your living room will be perfect with a smooth coffee table made of wood. Some other fixings are also very important such as sofas, table lamps and white carpet, it all make your living room look neat.
In a small room you can install some very useful furniture, wooden storage shelves and white sofas make the living room more beautiful. A coffee table with simple storage very needed. This furniture you can store things and save space.
Coffee table made of wood mixed with stainless legs that are made practical to be folded. Your living room will look practical with the installation of furniture so it is easy to store.

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With a simple design in your living room makes the pull sofa in gray the right choice. With a wooden pallet table and white walls your simple living room design will be attractive and comfortable.
Your living room will be more perfect with the installation of a pull-out sofa. With a sofa that is combined with the bed will make your furniture practical. With the addition of other furniture such as wooden floors will make your living room look classy.
With a striped wall model, paintings on the walls and small windows will make your living room look neat. Installing a pull-out sofa will also beautify your living room.

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This is the perfect design for a pull-out sofa in your living room. With elegant colors, the pull sofa can provide comfort and warm harmony to your family.

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