Create These 3 Backyard Fun Play Space for Kids This Summer

Summer is a fun season for kids. It is time for them to play outside a lot. Well, they always play, but summer is different. If you don’t plan them for a long vacation, you can create a backyard fun play space for kids. It is much cheaper than going somewhere with no guarantee of being fun.

A fun play space doesn’t need to be expensive. Your used things can always do as long as you make it fun. So, let’s check the following ideas for your DIY project this summer.

1. Hobbit House

In case you don’t own a treehouse, consider building a hobbit house. A hobbit house is different from any backyard house for kids. What’s more, it is inspired by a famous movie. It can be a mean of actualizing your kid’s imagination.

Like a treehouse, this one should also be practical. Your kids must be able to open and close the door and sit on that toadstool dining set. It is a great way to teach your kids about living in a house. You can also build some swings and monkey bars around it.

Design backyard for this summer by building a hobbit house for your children’s playground.


Hobbit house design with grass walls, greenery and natural stone pathways to impress children in learning simple life.


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A hobbit house in the backyard complete with greenery, flowers and natural stones for a unique and interesting impression.


Design comfortable hobbit house with windows, chairs and lanterns to make the hobbit house look attractive and safe for children’s play.


Design a small house with a thatched roof, doors and windows, then complete with pathways, wood mushrooms, stone gardens and green grass for a natural impression.

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By building and living in one of these green houses, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. The most basic model available is a playground for children in the summer.

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Design a hobbit house with green grass roofs, chimneys, large windows and wooden doors. Then add flower plants to decorate the children’s playground in the backyard.


Hobbit house design in the backyard can be used as a means of playing for children while on vacation in the summer


A simple look for a hobbit house in the backyard with a round door, green grass as a roof and a wooden table beside the door. Then complete with colorful flowers to make the children’s playground more fresh and beautiful.


A hobbit house with grass roofs, round door and wooden fences to make the house safer for children’s summer playground.

Image Source

2. A Playhouse

This backyard fun play space for kids is recommended for those who have a wide yard. Make it your kids’ small house with lots of things to play. You can build a treehouse next to it with a steering wheel so your kids can play pirates. 

You can also connect it with a slide and rock wall. To use the most of it, consider building a front porch or a sandbox underneath it.

The design of a small house complete with swings, surfboards and green grass makes children more comfortable.

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Stilt house design is equipped with surfboards, binoculars, and a steering wheel to give the impression of being a pirate in children.

Image Source


Play house design in the backyard with a white fence, steering wheel to make children like being on a pirate ship.

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Add a backyard with playing facilities such as this play house complete with swing, steering wheel and white sand.


Play house design with green roofs, swings, wooden stairs and surfboards and sandboxes to create a comfortable backyard playground.


Design a playhouse with a terrace fence, a red steering wheel and a sandbox, then add other play facilities such as swings and blue surfboards.


Design a play house with wooden sandbox fences and swings, then attach the steering wheel to make your child comfortable playing pirates.


Play house design with the shape of a plow ship complete with a swing propeller and a sandbox.


The design of the pirate ship’s house is complete with binocular, steering wheel and flags to make children like playing in the backyard.

Image Source


Playhouse design in the backyard with a green fence, red stairs and steering wheel to make the atmosphere of the children happy when playing the steering wheel.

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3. Small Playground

If you have a small backyard, you still can create a fun play space. Use the oak-log stool as the stumpery. Plant some annuals and perennials to attract some butterflies and bees. Let your kids chase them among those blossoming plants. 


Playground design for children with slide, chairs, climbing boards and greenery. With this design children stay comfortable with a small backyard.


Design a house on stilts under a tree with blue chairs, wooden boards and complete with stairs. Thus children remain comfortable playing in the summer.


Design a small backyard with a playground next to the fence with a slide, bench table, and toy car.


A beautiful playground with a stage house complete with balls, green grass and swings to make children happy when playing in the small backyard.


Playground with sandboxes, spades, table chairs and greenery for the comfort of children in the small yard in the summer.


Minimalist playground design with red chairs, greenery and tarpaulin roofs to protect children from the sun.

Image Source

But, don’t stop there. Connect a slide and stone wall to your back porch. This is a great idea to maximize the use of your exterior. 

Creating a backyard fun play space for kids is not hard at all. You can always use what has been there and add several things.

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