Here Are 5 Must-Try Backyard Garden Ideas

No matter how tiny or big your backyard space is, nothing is stopping you from realizing your dream garden. You should know that eye-popping ideas out there are relatively easy to achieve once adjusted to the condition of your backyard. It can range from practical DIY projects to the requirement of purchasing particular functional and decorative products.

Therefore, the list of fantastic backyard garden ideasbelow will address your concern and help to add that subtly chic addition to your backyard. Hopefully, you can discover something here that matches your preference and imagination.

1. Garden Statues

Go a bit further in your gardening investment can do no harm. Try placing one or two on-trend garden statues in your backyard can bring the look to a whole new level. You should know that this idea is one of the most sophisticated and classic decorating solutions that work for pretty much any space.

Garden statue for zen garden style
Garden statue for country living style
Garden statues for whimsical Alice in Wonderland style
Garden statue placed off to the side, but still in plain sight
Garden statue used to highlight patio furniture

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2. Rock Border

If you prefer less work but still using resources directly from nature, it’s time to befriend all beautiful stones and rocks you can find or purchase. Making a rock border around your plants or backyard edges can ensure fantastic looking results with ease. Experiment from a variety of stones’ sizes, shapes, and colors to mix them up!

Gravel border around your garden is a beautiful detail to make your garden

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Border garden with neatly arranged river stones
Paths in the yard and stone border garden are a good mix
It gives you a safe place you know you can walk without hurting anything
A few big rocks, round stones, or even handmade stepping stones add a cute little path in your yard that looks great

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3. Raised Garden Boxes

The highly functional raised garden boxes also can contribute to a fresher layer to your backyard garden. You can use common frame material from stones (again), woods, or repurposed ones like wine barrels or wooden crate boxes. You can go super modest to super ornate as you like!  

Simple wood frames constructed from rot-resistant lumber provide of growing success
Plastic beds provide long life and don’t rot like wood can
Woven wicker giving a rustic garden appearance
Stacked stones provide a long-lasting bed edging that doesn’t rot despite contact with wet soil
Tall raised beds can make a small yard seem larger by injecting vertical interest

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4. Garden Pond

Water is the best friend of plants, which means you shouldn’t abandon this fact! Installing a water feature like a garden pond can use up a lot of hands-on labor, so feel free to ask for the help of professionals. Their expertise, combined with your imagination, can bring your dream backyard garden to life much more comfortable.

A slim metal liner set into the soil creates the shape of the pond
Wrapping a sharp angled garden bordered by concrete and bricks
Small pond replete with moss covered stones, lanterns, and an immaculately placed collection of small trees
This garden pond stands wrapped in massive stones, fed by a tall waterfall
The cozy grotto-like pond features deep-set interior lighting

Image source

5. Garden Bench

A place to sit in the middle of a beautiful garden is a must-have. Build your very own garden bench matching the colors of every beautiful plant and flower you plant for that completely cohesive accent. Make sure it’s sturdy and waterproofed, too, in case sudden rains greet.

A pair of old chairs by adding a bench seat and a few coats of chalk paint
This bench is the perfect fix for any leftover bed frames
Backyard with simple wooden benches that are very sturdy
An old door gets a new life in the form of rustic blue-green garden bench
This cinder-block bench is an easy DIY solution when you’ve got a last-minute crowd coming over for a backyard party

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After reading the list, we’re sure you see why these backyard garden ideas are among must-tries. Hopefully, one of these suits your style!

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