Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Inspirations to Try at Home

Mid century modern is a quite popular design to try at home, especially for a living room. Representing the style of 1933-1965, this design has a timeless look and ambience. Simple, yet mesmerising with its clean lines. Here some mid century modern living room design ideas to inspire you.


1. White-themed Design

Having white-themed mid century modern design for the living room will never hurt. The tone gives a spacious, modern, and clean vibe. Plus, it makes the room brighter. 

If you are afraid that it will come out boring, try to place some coloured and patterned cushions or furniture. White works well with any colours. Some potted plants will make the room more alive. For the lighting, you can use arm wall lamps.

Mid Century houses use white as the base color give a natural ambiance. The white color will look cleaner and make your furniture stand out and the addition of greenery makes the living room more fresh.
So that your mid century living room design has a modern feel, patterned carpet is suitable for your living room. With white nuance make your living room more fresh.

Mid century living room design with white bricks walls will make the atmosphere feel warm and natural. The addition of furniture and green plants make the living room more fresh.

Modern mid century style living room use of real wood will make the appearance of space has its own charm. Avoid furniture that is crowded with decorations and ornaments for a simple mid-century style

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Creating a fresh atmosphere in the mid-century living room can be started by white wall to make it look clean. The use of glass pots for plants to make it look attractive.
Modern mid century living room filled with all-white furniture to make it look clean. Large windows function at the corners of the room are visible get to sunlight.
The look of mid century in your living room can bring wood elements as a room material to make it look more charming. The white nuance of the mid century give a fresh and beautiful feel.
The mid-century living room which is dominated by white, looks pretty even though it doesn’t have much decoration. The addition of plants and wooden furniture makes the atmosphere more fresh.

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2. Wooden Design

Wood is the most popular material to use in mid century modern living room design. It gives a natural and warm ambience for the room. Use this material for walls, flooring, and even furniture, such as for a three-legged or a side table. Applying different wood accents will also turn your living room more beautiful.

To avoid the dull atmosphere, make sure that you choose different tones for the couches, the carpet or rug, or the other decorations. Grey or dark blue with patterns can be a great choice.

Display modern mid century living room you can use furniture made from real wooden. Wooden will feature a more modern mid century style. You can choose a natural color like brown and white.
If you want to bring the impression of a modern mid century in your living room, try exposed warm and natural colors like wooden. This decoration will make the living room more comfortable and beautiful.
Mid Century design can use neutral colors of wood. Combine of white and grey walls make your living room more stylish. Choose light grey couch and patterned grey carpet are great ideas for mid century living room furniture.
To display the impression of a modern mid century living room decoration can use quality wood. Wood materials for the floor and shelves will look natural.

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Choose furniture whose size matches the size of your living room. Hardwood floors with distinctive shiny colors and small tables made of wood neatly arranged in your living room.
Prominent wall colors make your living room look brighter. Additional furniture made of wood shows a distinctive atmosphere in the living room mid century.

The interior design of a modern mid-century parlor has a spacious room and large windows so that air and light circulation can run smoothly. This living room also has simple features that are integrated with nature.

Mid-century living room in blue on the sofa can give the impression of cheerful and soft. The white shelf on the wall keeps the living room book looking neat. Give a wooden touch for your interior to make it perfect.

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3. Multicolor Design

Many people think that the best mid century modern design comes out with wooden or simple monochrome tones. However, this design can turn out to be beautiful with colourful tones. Pick the colours that you love. Still, keep it in your mind that it is better to choose soft tones like pastel colours to avoid uncomfortable atmosphere.

Geometric and abstract patterns are quite popular for the design. You can choose those patterns for the carpet or the wall decorations. Adding low profile furniture to the living room will surely make it wonderful.

So, have you done considering which mid century living room design for your home? Don’t be afraid to be creative when decorating your living room. Make sure that the room design is comfortable for you, family, and guests.

Besides white, you can use the gray color so that the mid-century living room becomes warmer. Motif carpets add combinations to be more fare.
Dark blue on the wall of the mid-century living room combined with a black sofa looks charming for your little house. Combination of dark blue walls with black furniture give a monochrome look.
Mid-century living room with a combination of cream and light brown colors look more unique. White sofa with cushions provide a comfortable atmosphere and look clean.
White is a simple color for your mid century living room. White color can be combined with black colors create a monochrome style. White color also looks brighter and cleaner in your living room.
Yellow color on the wall is able to give the room a brighter and blazing light, the combination of pink and black sofa makes the atmosphere more comfortable and attractive. The picture on the wall adds to the beautiful view.

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Gray walls can give a classic or modern impression on the room. As a complement, add brightly colored accessories and decorations.
Gray walls that provide warmth in your mid century living room more elegant. Put the patterned carpet at the center of living room to create a colorful look.
White color that will show cleanliness in your mid century living room. Combination of black and white sofa into its own style and also carpet motifs that add attractive for your mid century style.

The pastel blue color for a mid-century living room can make a perfect decoration because it creates a cool and peaceful feel. Small windows function so that air and solar lighting come into the room.

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