Running Out of Space? Here are 36 Best Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Some laundry rooms are big enough to store everything, and some are so tiny that you might call them “petite”. Having a small laundry room is challenging because you must struggle with the laundry room organization ideas and you must find what kind of storage solutions that are the best for you.

It is not a big problem when you’ve figured out the best laundry room design ideas for you. Having trouble in finding the inspiration? Here are some hacks:


1. Wall Storage

The best hack in finding small laundry room organization ideas is to use every available space in there. Is there no more space left in the flooring? How about making use of the wall?

Instead of letting it empty, you can ditch some misused decorations (let’s say, photos and paintings), and put the hanging storage in your priority. Don’t worry; you can still decorate it with tiny photos, or whatever you want

If you have a narrow room,use all the interiors that you have. In addition to the floor use a wall to attach storage so that your room still looks spacious.
This is another alternative to maximize narrow space! Put the wall storage and hiding the pull-out rack in a drawer is also a smart idea to keep your laundry room clean and neat.

Create a spacious utility room with high ceilings and put a hanging clothes rack. The use of a pull-down hanging rack is also a creative solution that can maximize the function of this utility room to dry clothes.

In a narrow utility room with standard ceiling heights, folding hangers attached to the wall to dry clothes can be a great alternative to traditional ceiling designs. Additional heaters are also a good solution, helping to dry clothes faster and more efficiently.

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a simple laundry room with wooden wall shelves to store washing in the small space. Put a small white cabinet on the wall for laundry room storage.
The small laundry room can use every available space you can. You can install an iron basket on the wall to store detergent and laundry equipment.
Unused corners in your laundry room are a great place to think about adding shelves. There are so many choices of wall shelves. Wall shelves are a great place to store detergents, other cleaning agents.

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2. Open Shelving

What we love from this open shelving is that it perfectly fits the very small laundry room ideas. It gives a more spacious impression and a great spot to keep the washing stuff like detergent, perfume, and bleaching liquid.

You can also put some baskets made up of wires or weaving to get ahead of the mess in the laundry room that makes you so dreaded finishing this activity.

A laundry doesn’t have to be large, it just need a dedicated space for everything. The natural wood texture and modern cabinetry makes the laundry elegant and appealing.
Get as much storage space as you can. This vertical open shelves allows you to use up even the odd and small spaces, from the floor all the way to the ceiling.
Open shelves help avoid the cramped look. This adjustable open shelving idea provides room flexibility.
This laundry corner wisely uses a lot of available wall space to pack open shelves made of iron to make it look simple.
This small hallway was transformed into an elegant but well-equipped laundry. Double doors make everything accessible and hide the laundry and open shelves when not in use.
Use as much space you’ve got in the laundry, including vertical space. These behind-the-door wall basket organizer a great space saver.
You don’t need an extra room or cabinets for more storage. This compact laundry in a cabinet uses the back of the door for storage shelves.

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3. Storage Made Up of Bookshelf

You can reuse the unused thing like the bookshelf; maybe you are going digital and paperless that all you have is e-books collection.

Install the bookshelf above the washing machine or in the odd corner. You might paint it the way you decorated your laundry room before.

Those small laundry room ideas and photos might give you a clue on how to easily accomplish this chore and keep your room tidy effortlessly. Do you enjoy the chore more possible than you thought?

Bookshelves for use in the laundry room, very suitable for providing some storage space for sorting baskets and items needed in the laundry room
Bookshelves in the closet by installing some storage, you will add storage options in your laundry room.

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Simple bookshelves as storage in the laundry room to store washing equipment and beautify the room to look neat.

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Bookshelves storage in a charming laundry room using white wood to look clean and look neater. Put above the washing machine for space saving.
Charming laundry room with a white cupboard for storage to look elegant and to create fresh atmosphere. Add a bookshelves above the washing machine give you an extra storage.
Bookshelves storage in the perfect laundry room with gray over the washing machine to create an elegant atmosphere in your small space.
Wooden storage on above the washing machine create a multipurpose area. To store washing equipment to look neat and create an elegant atmosphere in your minimalist laundry room you can put a vertical bookshelves on beside.

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