22 Stylish Living Room Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays a crucial role to bring different ambience or mood to your living room. That’s why you need to consider well what the best lighting for the room, whether you choose floor lamps, sconces, or even chandeliers. Make sure that you have considered the basic types of lighting for the room; those include task, ambient, and accent lighting.

Need some stylish lighting inspirations to light your living room? Here some living room lighting ideas you can consider.


1. Chandelier

A chandelier is probably one of the most popular light sources for a living room. Since the chandelier usually has a unique and beautiful design, it can be the masterpiece that attracts the guests. Moreover, with the right numbers and kind of bulbs, the light will brighten the entire room, from top to lower parts.

Note that if you choose a chandelier, you need a high ceiling. Plus, you have to put it in the centre of the room. Have a good living room table? Place the chandelier above it. Don’t forget to consider the living room size and the chandelier fixtures to avoid the cramped look.

High ceiling lighting is good ideas for your living room. With unique round chandeliers to create warmth and comfort in the living room.
Choose the chandelier for living room make the room look bright and warm. Hung the chandelier above the seating to get a perfect lighting.

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Chandelier in the living room make the entire space appear larger.  By installing a unique chandelier give a dramatic appearance regardless of the type of interior design.
An open living room with high wooden ceilings, spotlights and delicate hanging lamp. By adding an elegant chandelier give a luxurious design.
To make the room more elegant decoration, you can install an elegant chandelier. Combine with white walls make your living room wider.
An interesting living room lighting ideas for you to try. By installing a unique iron chandelier create a traditional and dramatic feel.
A warm and cozy living room with unique chandeliers makes the room look cozy. Combine with wooden interior make your living room like rustic style.

An elegant white living room with a unique chandelier make the room look elegant. With white walls and furniture give a clean and fresh feel.

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By installing a crystal chandelier will bring the feel of modern living room. Hung this at the center of living room so that the light spread throughout the room.

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2. Ceiling Fan with Lights

Who says it is impossible to have a fan to provide the air conditioning and lights to brighten the room at the same time? You can find a ceiling fan with light fixtures attached to it. This kind of lighting sources is quite practical since it serves dual functions. To make the fan lighting more effective, you can put it over the seating area.

The current living room lighting designs are also varied. That’s why they can work as additional decorations. 

The attractive ceiling fan for the living room you should try, with this multi-function fan, in addition to perfect light can also create a cool atmosphere from the fan.
The elegant decoration of the living room with perfect lighting in your home. An example of installing a fan combined with lights makes the room look bright and comfortable.
An attractive chandelier in your living room. Choose lighting design you need to think of the shape and quality, so as to create a comfortable and bright living room.
The unique crystal chandelier combined with a fan in the living room is a functional furniture in the living room. Combination of stone walls will create a cozy rustic feel.
Besides the light, shape and quantity of your pendant lamp right in the middle of the room to create warm nuance.
Design a comfortable and rustic living room that you need to try. Start by looking for a chandelier combined with a fan so your space look brighter.
Simple living room design to save spaces but still comfortable. Looking for a chandelier combined with a fan, it will create bright and spacious shades.

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3. Table Lamps

One of the living room lighting ideas you can try at home is using table lamps. Place the table lamp on the top of a side-table or flat-topped furniture. They will make your living room more stylish with different shade designs.

The table lamps usually light lower area. Place them next to a sofa or chairs to give enough light when doing your hobbies or activities.

A table lamp does several things for your room, functional and decorative. Therefore, when you choose a desk lamp there are a number of things to consider. While form and style are important, make sure your new lights meet your living room lighting needs.
To maintain a comparable lighting balance in the living room. Maybe you should think about placing the lights correctly, for example with a white light at the corner to make the lighting in your living room more stunning.
Table lamps at the corner of the living room combined with white wall and a round wooden table create the brightness and rustic feel in the room.
The perfect table lamps for your living room combined with a gray sofa and an antique wooden table make your living room more lively and spacious.

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A unique lights on the table make the room look luxurious and elegant. With white and gold furniture give a fantastic decoration.
A charming living room design for you to try, lighting is always needed in every room in the house. Examples of a living room with antique table lamps to give a warm atmosphere.

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A modern medieval living room inspired by teal sofas. Make it perfect with white table lamps and chandelier.
Comfortable and bright living room lighting. You can arrange a unique table lamp beside the sofa to save spaces.

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So, ready to enhance the room ambience with these stylish living room lighting ideas? Or have you got any other inspirations? Pick the lighting which fits your budget and style.

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