22 Best Lighting Ideas To Spark Your Kitchen

Nowadays, kitchens mean more than just a space for cooking. It serves as an entertaining space which people put quite a lot of investment in decorating it. One of the most important aspects of a kitchen is the lighting. Having a few kitchen lighting ideas might be good for you.

Before actually choosing which type of lighting you want to install and bring to your kitchen, it is wise to know the best type of lighting for kitchen and some kitchen lighting design rules of thumb so that you don’t choose out of impulse.


1. Height Matters

Consider the height of your ceiling when installing your kitchen lighting, make sure it is around 28 to 36 inches above your island, and give each light a 30 inches gap. This will deliberately spread the lighting on your kitchen island.

Many choices for lighting your kitchen island, don’t forget to measure the distance of the lights to be installed. Consider your kitchen space so that lighting is more maximal and focused.
The kitchen island’s is very impressive, every space needs lighting. To install lights in the kitchen, choose a lamp with an iron cover. With 3 round lights it will make your island kitchen brighter and more comfortable.
A unique chandeliers made of iron, in addition to functioning as lighting your kitchen can also be an attraction of space. Pay attention to the balance of the layout of your lights to get perfect lighting in your kitchen.
One of the most important aspects of the kitchen is lighting. Having some kitchen lighting ideas might be good for you. Consider the color of your walls when installing your kitchen lighting. Our suggestion of chandeliers might be better and will bring a brighter atmosphere.
The kitchen is always synonymous with cooking, you can change your kitchen as an entertainment room. Kitchen decoration can be from the table, walls, sink and most importantly is the arrangement of lights. Installing lights with the right distance will make your kitchen more comfortable.
One of the most important aspects of the kitchen is lighting. Having some kitchen lighting ideas might be good for you to try. If you choose chandeliers in the kitchen ceiling, it must be precise and precise in order to light your kitchen island brightly.


Perfect lighting can be obtained from the arrangement of lights and lamp types. There are unique chandeliers for your kitchen decorating ideas that are interesting. To properly install the ceiling lights in the kitchen to produce kitchen lighting that is very bright and comfortable when cooking in the kitchen.

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2. Pendant Lights

A pendant light is basically the industrial lighting above a kitchen island. This is a kitchen lighting layout that is considered essential in 2019. Pendant lights are also great kitchen lighting ideas for small kitchen.

Keep in mind for you that in this era many lighting products. When you enter the island kitchen at home, lights are important items. Long hanging lamps with white glass lid can increase kitchen lighting and decorating your island’s kitchen ceiling.
White island kitchen in your comfortable home can inspire others. Indeed, many people do not understand the type of lights. There are suggestions for you to choose a pendant lights with a lid made of stenlis which is safe for lighting and decorating your island kitchen.
To create an attractive atmosphere for your kitchen, with antique pendant lights and wooden tables for kitchen designs. Most importantly, installing pendant lights must be right to get perfect lighting.
A creative chandeliers that made of iron material, is one of the kitchen lighting ideas that you need to try. Hanging lamps with this antique cover, in addition to lighting can also be for decorating your small kitchen.
To create a cozy and rustic kitchen atmosphere,Inject a vintage wooden kitchen table and choose pendant lamps with a cover from wrought iron. This is the perfect lighting idea for your island kitchen that you need to try.
A small kitchen in your house that is neat and clean with perfect lightings. To get maximum lightings, there are several ideas you can try. For example, an antique curved linen pendant lights to create the modern style of your island kitchen.

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3. LED Lights

In modern kitchen design, LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes aren’t taboo anymore. People have heard of it, seen it, and now want it into their kitchen space. LEDs are great kitchen lighting ideas because of their low heat, making them energy efficient. Aside from that, they are very cool in a casual way, and they get the job done.

Blue color kitchen design ideas with led strip kitchen lights. In addition to the cool LED lights in ideal conditions can last long. Blue color density makes your kitchen look elegant
When installing led kitchen floodlights and commercial kitchen lighting lamps under the cabinet, position them forward. If there is a lens, face it towards the backsplash. The cabinet’s front-bottom rails should hide the fixture from.
Modern kitchen design, LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes aren’t taboo anymore. People have heard of it, seen it, and now want it into their kitchen space. LEDs blue are great kitchen lighting ideas because of their low heat, making them.
Many people ask how long LED last. For example, the yellow LED strip lights under the cabinet are high density and LED are great kitchen lighting ideas because of their low heat, making them energy efficient.
Kitchen lighting under the countertop in blue for smart families. LED is a great kitchen lighting idea because of its low heat, making it energy efficient.
In more modern kitchens with a countertop and abacksplash, I would recommend using cooler color LEDs. This tends to make white look whiter and fresher. Higher light bulbs are also better for blues and black.

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4. Task Lights

Looking sophisticated yet functional at the same time? That is basically what task lighting does. Find a slim, compact LED light and recess it into the bottom of overhead units. It ensures bright and focused lighting.

The usual color light choice for a task light is either a faded white or a warm yellow. 

Under the cabinet, LED lights really need to add a subtle touch, but are useful for work areas such as kitchens. Task lighting lamps vary in shape and size, choose your preferences for the design of your kitchen task lighting.
Many homeowners create special lighting designs under the cabinet. With lighting effects dan functioning as a functional focal point for the kitchen. LED lights are one of your convenient kitchen task lighting devices.

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Lighting is strategically placed under the cabinet, which is one of the ideas of the task lighting concept. Installing LED lights is ideal for dark corners under the cabinet. Concentrated light will also make your table shine because of the effect of that appearance.

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There is an idea of ​​what type of lighting equipment is most suitable for your home. For example, with LED lights below overhead will provide perfect lighting, and will make it more comfortable in carrying out your duties in the kitchen.
Task lighting is one of the most basic types of lighting in the kitchen. Installing LED,s undercabinet lights is the best thing you can do to improve the kitchen’s functionality and environment.
You can make food preparation in the kitchen easier and safer. Installing LED lights under the cabinet will emit perfect lighting, and make your kitchen look an amazing.

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Those are the few kitchen lighting ideas that you can bring into your home, making your kitchen lighting layout work in 2019.

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