Tiny Space Solution: 5 Effortless Small Bathroom Ideas

It’s not difficult to make a small-sized bathroom much more functional and practical. With smart finishing and storage options, your limited bathroom can even turn stylish and present a broader illusion to the eyes. The best thing is that there are always ways to help you adjust the preference to your dream bathroom.

Below, we present five space-efficient small bathroom ideas you can follow. They are compact yet gorgeous, making people turn to these for an ideal solution. Moreover, it’s guaranteed that your bathroom won’t look cramped or cluttered once you know the trick of combining the essence of these ideas.


1. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Placing a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet will help you store more toiletries or showering necessities without dismissing essential property on the floors. You can choose one with internal racks that will give you a place to hang washcloths or hand towels. Better yet, choose a sleek one in order not to make it take up too much wall surface.

wall-mounted cabinet enchants with its functional finishing, providing multiple storage spots
This wall-mounted cabinet will make for a truly fitting addition to your vintage styled home
This wall Mounted Cabinet will instantly add a valuable storage to any bathroom
This corner wall cabinet with 1 shutter door conceals a 2-tiered storage space for your towels or bath accessories
This wall-mounted cabinet has a moulding top and curved sides’ bottom edges

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2. Glass Walk-In Shower

Try to invest in reconstructing a fully transparent glass walk-in shower that comes with frameless panels. With a look that’s barely there, you do not only make the bathroom more glamorous but also fuller to the eyes. It’s because there’s no some sort of boundaries between the shower and other bathroom spaces.

Having walk in shower also allows the moisture and hot air flows out faster so that you will not feel stuffy
With the same tiles on the wall and the flooring, there is not cutting on the shower area
The walk in shower and there is glass panel to protect the toilet from getting water splash
Put glass panel on both sides to protect water splash too much
While you can put bigger mirror, you can also use much more usage on glass

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3. Multi-Functional Furniture

Limited space doesn’t mean a limited chance to put bathroom furniture. Opt for bathroom multi-functional furniture placement that’ll make your bathroom less than just an area with a shower and toilet. They sure serve the function as well as the stylish and innovative vibe you’re looking for.

It can be used as a hanger, a shelf, a storage piece, a holder for various things and so on

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A minimalist design that combines a mirror, faucet, sink and rack system, hidden behind a mirror

Image source

This single device can solve various needs which make it an ideal bathroom accessory

Image source

The sink which is at the same time the bathroom cabinet to store your toiletries needs
A sink stand with a cupboard that allows you to store towels and other toiletries

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4. Tile

A bit of bathroom tiling can bring up your showering space much better. You can start by tiling the wall and side of the bath in similar tile designs. Since it’ll be harder to differentiate where each tile begins, doing this will make the eyes perceive it as a bigger room. For starters, go with marbles.

Mileto brick gray ceramic wall tile
Lounge light grey porcelain polished tiles
Casca grey matt wall tiles
Oceania stone white wall tiles
Laura ashley josette duck egg decor wall tiles

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5. Tiered Storage

There’s a reason why people mostly prefer to stack their belongings up vertically. This principle is also the same when it comes to the bathroom, which means that tiered bathroom storage is the evident option. You can also grab toiletries easier without creating clutter after organizing them neatly.

Tiered storages work well in compact bathroom designs
Tiered wire storage keeps luxuriously packaged lotions and practical wash bags on show and easy to grab
Tiered storage of carved wood that is neutral in color

Image source

Non-polished tiered wood storage for rustic style bathrooms

Image source

Tiered wooden storage which is equipped with neatly arranged rattan baskets

Image source

Which one of these small bathroom ideas will you go for?

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