Top 20 Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen Décor Ideas in Contemporary Design

Minimalist and farmhouse decorating in contemporary design are like brother and sister. Together, they want to throw unnecessary things by instaling minimal stuff. The key point of this style is to get the minimalism with the warmest and comforting touch of farmhouse design. On top of that, it is very suitable for a small room, especially for the kitchen.

Ready to get inspired by these farmhouse small farmhouse kitchen décor ideas?

1. Turn Your Color into Minimalist Look

Colors must come first in small farmhouse kitchen décor ideas. A farmhouse design relies on neutral colors. Therefore, get your kitchen a minimalist look by using two neutral colors if possible. 

The idea is that you need to consider the base color since you will have a vintage or rustic furniture. The most common tone used in contemporary design is the white background. Then, consider the tone of the other stuff, such as furniture, as the second one. 

The beauty of this rustic kitchen design is more beautiful with white color. Here you can provide a combination of black and white for your floor. As a result, your minimalist kitchen design will look beautiful and attractive.

The beauty of white, makes your kitchen look clean and neat. Although with a minimalist design, white color can provide its own beauty. Complete with natural wood colors for your kitchen poles and ceilings.

Created unique and classic, this kitchen design is suitable to inspire you. With walls, wooden ceilings, creating even more the beauty of your rustic designs. Complete with furniture that can enhance your rural kitchen.

The combination of natural colors from wood with white for the walls, making the beauty of your kitchen design. With wood storage cabinets and colorful carpets, the more you make your kitchen design becomes extraordinary.

Contrasting with white and brown colors, making the beauty of your rural kitchen design. Add natural wood shelves and pendant lamps, further sparkling your kitchen design.

The beauty of your rural kitchen is created with white walls and brown wood floors. You can add a unique chandelier to sparkle your kitchen design.

The beauty of natural colors is created with brown wooden walls and floors. In addition, the white color on the storage cabinet and dining table, gives an interesting contour. Decorate with a unique and antique chandelier.

The beauty of your rural kitchen is created with white walls and brown wood floors. In addition, large windows also provide extraordinary lighting for your kitchen.

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Also, applying the third color is not a crime. You can opt for the third one for a wide area, such as the floor or ceiling, as long as you have the same tone.

2. Maximize the Minimalist Industrial Accent

Do you still want to keep the cozy farmhouse look? No problem. Limiting the changes with more minimal stuff will work well. You can try to apply an industrial accent for your farmhouse kitchen décor.

Thus, bring your industrial elements here. For instance, you can instal hanging lamps, sink or tap, shelves, and other accessories (knops, hooks, and curtain rails) in the same color or material. Black iron is the most common one used in contemporary design. 

Here, you can add chimneys to add to the beauty and comfort of your kitchen. With a stainless chimney can provide comfort in your minimalist kitchen.

Create the beauty of the appearance of the sink there by installing a golden yellow iron faucet. In addition, lighting from the window also makes your kitchen feel comfortable.

Unique and attractive, this kitchen design is even more beautiful with chandeliers. Here, hanging lamps can provide lighting for your minimalist kitchen.

Placing the iron pot hanger, gives a neat impression to your kitchen. Besides that you can also install wooden shelves with iron bars. Besides being beautiful, your kitchen will look neat and comfortable.

To enhance your kitchen design, you can now add black wall lamps. In addition, you can replace the sink faucet with a yellow gold color. Now you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of your rural kitchen.

In addition to natural wood materials, you can combine industrial materials for your rural kitchen design. You can make wooden shelves with iron supports. In addition, the tone can install black iron faucets. Now you can enjoy the beauty of your minimalist kitchen design.

In addition to a large black chandelier, you can place a wooden chair with iron bars. Unique and classic impression will be created with this unique chair.

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3. Play with Contrast

The idea of playing with contrast is to show low-key luxury. Therefore, playing with layouts and trying to contrast them are the real issues. Worry no more. Your job is to adjust the arrangement of contrasting elements, such as dark and light or large and small.

You can start by arranging your kitchen color themes, and it will be easier if you use two. Place a white countertop which has the same color to your walls, and opt for a brown cabinet. Now, instal the same brown tone for a raised panel cabinet to give accent to the white wall. Easy, right?

The beauty of your minimalist kitchen is created from the contrast of black and white. With white wall color and black furniture, you will be able to create an attractive contour color in your kitchen.

With white brick walls and black storage cabinets, an attractive color contour will be created. Now your minimalist kitchen will feel comfortable and charming.

Unique images come with unique color contrast in your minimalist kitchen. By combining white walls, your kitchen will look elegant. In addition, black storage cabinets, give the impression of extraordinary contrast to your kitchen.

Combining black and white, makes an extraordinary contrast to your rural kitchen design. In addition, wooden tables and chairs provide their own beauty in your kitchen.

This minimalist kitchen design is suitable for you to try. With a combination of black and white, will cause a unique contrast color. In addition, brown wood floors will give a natural impression in your kitchen.

The unique color combination, making the design of the kitchen tone is very extraordinary. With black combined with white, your rural kitchen looks attractive and unique. You will feel comfortable and comfortable in your kitchen.

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Those are three small farmhouse kitchen décor ideas you can try. Which one that you love to apply for your kitchen?

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