Top 26 Cozy Farmhouse Style Living Room Ideas

Nature has become inspirations for many home décor makers, and farmhouse style is one of its brilliant themes to bring into the living room. Combining modern dan traditional vibes makes a great match for upgrading your space and bring it more alive. Here are some cozy farmhouse style living room ideas for you to try.


1. Install Wooden Furniture

Bring nature into your living room by installing some wooden materials. Pick farmhouse living room furniture set that is matched to your plan. Wooden furniture will surely bring natural atmosphere into your space.

The seating area that made of wooden material, with blue wall, pictures on the wall and wooden floor. Installing the wooden furniture makes your living room look bright and natural.
Here are some farmhouse living room ideas that are comfortable for you to try. For example a square table with drawers and wooden chairs. Natural brown wooden furniture give a farmhouse feel.
Wooden touch on your living room give a farmhouse feel. Combine with white nuance make your design brighter.
Comfortable living room that you desire, for example a seating area made of wood. Storage shelves in the living room to place a tv, books and home plants make your room fresher and bring a rustic feel.
The seating area in the living room made wood material. Put other wooden furniture such as cabinet and shelves to give a farmhouse feel.

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2. Apply Rustic Theme

Farmhouse style does popularly come along with a rustic theme. Apply some rustic touch to your details to make your living room décor more fascinating. It can be applied to wall design, cabinetry, stools, flooring, or ceiling beams to make your space natural.

To create a rustic feel give a ceiling beams and other wooden furniture. Installing the stone walls make your rustic decor look perfect.
Combining traditional and modern vibrations makes the couple very suitable to enhance your space. Give a wooden touch on your floor and furniture is a characteristic of rustic home decor.
In addition to furniture made of wood, change your interior with wood. Wooden floors give the impression of rustic decoration.
For simple rustic decoration, combine of wooden floor and other furniture are a great ideas. Put some old ornaments to make your design more amazing.
Make a simple but stylish rustic living room is a hard work. You can decorate your walls with wooden material and combine this with some furniture the same material.

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3. Add White, Brown, Cream and Touch of Greenery

Farmhouse style appears to be the combination of white, brown, cream and some touch of greenery. You can apply and manage these colors into your details. Pick furniture colors wisely to make an appropriate combination for your cozy space. Farmhouse living room with brown couch is a great choice. Some touch of tiny green plants will make a perfect match for your design.

The living room of a brilliant farmhouse with dark brown leather sofas, gray walls, pillows and brown carpet. The combination of green curtains and brown couch give a farmhouse feel.
The brown sofa in the living room combined with house plants make your farmhouse design look perfect. With wooden touch for your decoration give a natural ambiance.
Brown couch in the living room create an elegant ambiance. Combine this with house plants to add a fresh nuance.
To create a farmhouse living room add sofas combined with wooden floors, wall decoration and greenery. This design is perfect for you to try.
Being the calm with beige wall painting. Combination of cream walls with wooden furniture is a characteristic of farmhouse home decor.

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4. Play with Textiles

Playing with textiles is also recommended for your farmhouse style living room makeover. Get some farmhouse style home décor furniture in stores or make your own DIY version. You can use either geometrical or monochromatic pattern to make your space more dynamic.

In this pretty living room, gray is displayed in various colors, colors. Light gray becomes a striking setting that sets the stage for unique design elements, such as intricately patterned carpets, sofas, decorative pillows and different accents above the cabinet.

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A living room with a monochromatic color scheme with a white and black seating area, wooden floor and chandelier. Beautiful spatial planning makes the room more lively and attractive.

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An abstract artwork above white couches paired with chic tufted sofas with simple geometric rugs. This design will change your living room to be fresh, and full of personality.
The classic herringbone-patterned rug is right at home on a wooden pallet floor and with a round table, ultra-long green moss ultra-long green sofa. This carpet matches the white walls to create a fresh and impressive space.
Simple geometric rugs give a sleek feel to the living room. Leather chairs, moss green sofas and beautiful glass tables. An abstract artwork on the walls will add a bright and luxurious atmosphere.

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5. Set Your Unique Ceiling Lights 

Be creative with lighting to make your space cozy. Set some unique ceiling lights. You can pick the cover made from steel, glass, wood or rope matched to your farmhouse style living room.

The cozy farmhouse style living room ideas above are worth to try, aren’t they? Plan and design some details and make your cozy space come true.

This eclectic style living room has dark wood floors with a unique ceiling light and a large window to make the room more varied and comfortable.
A comfortable and creative living room, with antique ceiling lights, seating area, wooden floors and white wall colors. Plan and design some details and make your comfortable space a reality.
The more traditional solid wood flooring works well with open wooden ceilings and antique lamps in this large rural space. Beautiful variations of light and wooden fiber add to the natural feel.
Beautiful chandelier in your living room. The arrangement space and color combination make the room look classy and comfortable.
Beautiful dark wooden floor combined with gray wall colors and antique lamps in the room. With the ceiling lamps give an elegant feel in your living room.
An interesting and comfortable living room decor for you to try. To create unique design, put ceiling lamps above the seating area.

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