Top 25 Garden Art from Junk Design Ideas

If you have a lot of junks in your house after remodeling several rooms, don’t throw it directly to landfills. Some of the junks might be a cool art in your garden. With these junks, your garden will be unique and express your personality. 


1. Create garden art from used material

Make sure that the junks you choose are suitable for the shape and design you desire in your garden. If the inspiration for the junks has yet to emerge, you might want to try this garden art from junk design ideas from our collection.

Creating a classic garden design with some materials that are outdated and old is indeed extraordinary. Re-polishing the old iron and then knitting it into garden trellis like this can inspire you to create a garden design with a classic decoration that is extraordinary.

It’s not a difficult thing to make your garden design look more attractive. If you have agricultural items that are outdated and unused, you can design these tools into a series of ornaments for decorating your garden. Apart from beautifying the garden, it also functions as your plant propagation.

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Outside ideas can be created from old plantation tools. Redesign unused tools into sunflower-like decorations for your garden design. This idea creates a classic atmosphere in your garden.

If you have an unused scope, don’t throw the tool away. You can use these tools to beautify your garden. With a little polish and additions, the old scope will be a beautiful table displayed in the garden to beautify your garden.

If you like the classic design for your garden, use obsolete tools. Redesign these tools with old wood. Place it on the side of your garden fence. You will see amazing results from recycling in your garden. A good impression will be created from the renovation of the old equipment.

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2. Shoe Planters

You can easily find unused shoes in your house or flea market to try this garden art from junk design ideas. Mix a variety of shoes and boots to make these planters stand out like the one in the picture. 

No need to use plastic or aluminum pots and also concrete. Evidently creates creativity is not difficult. Use worn shoes that are not used, then use as your flower pot. In addition to giving a unique color, this design will reduce the waste from your home into extraordinary works.

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If you are confused about looking for a pot for your garden design, lady’s shoes can provide extraordinary colors for your garden design. As a unique planting medium, women’s high heels can play a role as a unique pot for your flower plants.

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You are confused to throw away your favorite shoes, you can use your favorite old shoes into a unique and attractive pot. You can still see your favorite shoes in the garden that functions perfectly into a unique flower pot. Not amazing, please try.

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Creating extraordinary designs by recycling women’s shoes into a unique and attractive pot is a brilliant idea. Instead of throwing away your unused items, take advantage of interesting art. One of them is women’s shoes that are uniquely arranged into beautiful and attractive flower pots.

Aside from reducing waste, this will be an amazing idea. Creating a flowerpot from your worn shoes turns out something extraordinary. With the right arrangement will create an extraordinary pot design.

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3. Upcycled Flower Bucket

Typically, there is a lot of unused bucket or tin can in a house. Instead of throwing it away to the landfill, reuse it as planters. To make sure the plants sustain, make a few holes on the bottom and add a few pebbles for the drainage. Remember not to place too many seeds in every bucket so that all the seeds get enough water.

If you have tools that are not used, you can use a beautiful flower pot. This aluminum basin for example. This will be an extraordinary planting medium to beautify your garden.

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A beautiful aluminum bucket was able to create its own beauty for your garden. Even though used tools are not used, aluminum buckets will be created beautiful with just a little polish for your flower pot.

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Confused piling up your plantation tools that are not used. Watering, for example, you can make beautiful pots to beautify your garden. With the beauty of colorful flowers, classic pots will be created to add to the beauty of your garden.

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Here is a flower pot idea from your used kitchen materials. Patterned aluminum basin that is still worthy of being turned into a flowerpot that is amazing. For mothers, don’t throw away your kitchen utensils. Even if you can make art that makes a classic and interesting atmosphere.

Creating simplicity for your garden is not difficult. If you want to make a unique and attractive pot, you can just use your used bucket. Wrap the bucket with a strap. Once neat, then you are ready to use it as a unique and attractive flower pot.

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4. Chair Planter

If you have an unused chair like this lying around in your house, consider utilizing it to make your garden looks artsier. Remove the chair seat and install chicken wire and put coconut fiber. You can plant a variety of plants here.

If you want a unique design in your garden, this might be an amazing idea. Make an unused white chair to be an amazing flower pot. Just add some materials such as wire and jute buffer, the flowers will be arranged beautifully on the chair.

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Extraordinary purple flowers perfectly mounted on an old chair. This is a unique idea that you can try. Creating a unique and awesome pot design from an old chair will give you a distinct impression.

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If you have an iron chair that is not used, you can remodel it into a unique planting media pot in your home. Punching in the middle of an iron chair and then placing a pretty plant or flower is enough to make people glance at the unique design. Try.

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Why should you throw a unique and antique wooden chair from your home? This will be an amazing design that you can try. Placing beautiful flowers on an old chair will give a classic and unique impression.

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If you like the classic and unique design for your yard, decorate it with some pretty plants and flowers. The classic design is created by placing an old metal chair that is already unused. Decorate with beautiful flowers, then your page will look beautiful and classic.

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5. Drawer Planters

When you replace the drawer in your bedroom with the new one, you might need to think about using the old one for garden art from junk design ideas. Reuse the chest of drawers and plant flowers in it. This way, you can have a cool and unique flower planter.

Want to throw away your drawers? Better not, you can use your old wooden cupboard to put some of your favorite plants. This will be an amazing design to add to the beauty of your garden.

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If you want your porch to look attractive. You can place your unused wood cabinets on your porch. Decorate with some beautiful ornamental plants. Perfect occupiers will be a very extraordinary design to decorate the terrace of your home.

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If you want a different thing about your home garden design. You can use your wooden chest of drawers to make your home garden design attractive. Place a few plants in a drawer that will make your garden design attractive, unique and very extraordinary.

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Placing a unique chest of drawers in your home garden with some beautiful plants and flowers is an amazing new idea. Instead of throwing away your unused cabinets, this design can inspire you to beautify your garden. With some beautiful plants, just remodel your garden.

You are confused filling your patio design. If you have a drawer cabinet that is not used, you can use it to put your beautiful plants. Place the cupboard perfectly on the porch of your house, so that you can see the perfect beauty

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With the garden art from junk design ideas, you can use the unused junks in your room to make artsy garden art.



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