Vegetarian at Home: 5 Workable Vegetable Garden Ideas

Imagine a garden with your own fresh and ready-to-pick vegetables, which undoubtedly will stop you from going to market ever again. This idea has already been popular among home gardeners who strive to grow vegetables at home instead. You have the free options to plant the only vegetables you want to eat, so why not have them right within your arm’s length?

If you want to be the next one, you’ll need our vegetable garden ideasthat are combined with the most common gardening methods of it. All encompass fundamental values you won’t regret: money-saving, precise knowledge of where your vegetables come from, and a healthier lifestyle you have always wanted.

1. Hanging Baskets

Anything that doesn’t eat up your floor space is surely a charmer, which is why sturdy fruits and vegetable hanging baskets have become gardeners’ favorite for growing plants at home. You can also be in control by separating different fruits and vegetables with visible note or basket shape, ensuring each gets its own needed treatment.

Peas look very pretty trailing over the edges of a hanging basket
Cucumbers are another of the great edible plants for hanging pots
Sweet potatoes make one of the best plants for hanging baskets
This is a cucumber that looks like a tiny watermelon and is ideal for growing as a hanging plant outdoors
A large hanging basket will look wonderful when populated with a courgette plant

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2. Urban Gardening Box

Vegetable planter boxes can be a perfect solution for urban homeowners with limited space. Be it on the balcony, terrace, or windowsill, your boxes can accommodate the space limitations all year round. Make sure you place a couple of grow lights and expose them to sunlight regularly.

Those highly organized raised beds divided into perfect squares, each featuring their own variety of plant
Intensive planting means you’ll harvest a lot from a small space, so it’s ideal for gardeners with limited room
Small square foot garden beds are not ideal for crops that take up a lot of room

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The part that gets the most sun is the best place for growing vegetables
Raised vegetable beds create a neat and easy to manage growing area

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3. Tiered Vegetable Plants

For you who have a sloping backyard, you can fulfill its potential by building a multi-level or layered deck vegetable garden instead. Color them in your favorite shades, but make sure to choose hardwearing or waterproof paint before planting. This way, they’ll be resistant to weather changes, peeling, and fading.

Tiered vegetables plants with a fence to avoid animals and pests
Planting a few varieties of different colors can be quite beautiful
Tiered vegetable plants with wooden boxes arranged from the largest to the smallest at the top

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These front-yard garden beds, separated with rows of stepping stones

Image source

Tiered vegetables plant with wood and zinc to grow various kinds of vegetables

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4. Green Roof

Behold, any rooftop dwellers! It’s time to make that green roof to welcome your favorite vegetables with the most exposure to sunlight. Alongside providing a beautiful look from up top, your green roof garden can also maximize the efficient use of rainwater and make the building warmer.

Roof garden that can be watered with automatic irrigation
Roof garden with beds for fig and apple trees, hops, and strawberries
Roof garden with a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, fennel, paprika, turnips, spices and more
Abundant beds of rosemary are among the many herbs and edible plants being raised in the rooftop garden
This garden produces over twenty varieties of herbs, fruits, edible blossoms and vegetables including pumpkins, carrots and kale

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5. Raised Beds

For a sleek solution without disregarding functionality, vegetable raised beds are your safest bet to grow different kinds of plants in separate planters. In principle, you’ll be more focused on their specific care while still keeping your garden look tidy and neat.

A raised bed or kitchen garden, showcases the orderly formal design
They infuse a landscape with bold color year-round
Taller beds take the backache out of ongoing plant maintenance by eliminating the stooping necessary to tend in-ground beds
Use the frame of a raised bed as a construction platform to host a trellis
Red cedar makes a long-lasting contribution to a raised garden bed

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Seeing how easy and workable these vegetable garden ideas are, surely you won’t miss the chance at attempting one of them!

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